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Suave Extreme Strength Conditioner

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Suave Brings Life Back to Chemically Damaged Hair


Who say's you must spend a lot of money to get amazing results?  With Suave you can have your cake and eat it too.  After years of coloring my hair; having perm's; using blow dryers and electric rollers...My hair was so overprocessed it wasn't even funny.  I thought my hair was beyond hope until I tried Suave's Extreme Conditioner.  I could feel how powerful it was while putting it on.  I was more than elated to see the results afterward.  My hair was so much smoother and settled down.  I only use this conditioner now once in a while.  In the meantime, I use the regular conditioner suave has to offer right after I shampoo my hair.  I use to be embarrassed to tell my friends which shampoo and conditioner were my favorite.  I found out that a lot of them also use suave products once I got the courage to open up and talk about it.  Suave is a whole lot of goodness for a little bit of money. 

Fort Gratiot, MI


This helps rebuild damaged hair!


I overprocessed my hair by coloring too soon in between applications. After trying a couple of things that weren't really re-building my hair back, I saw Suave Extreme Conditioner. You leave this on for 2 minutes and then rinse. I have started using this everyday and my hair has almost come back to normal strength. Thanks! Victoria

Murfreesboro, TN


suave extreme strenth has has the extra power.


suave extreme strenth is a conditioner. i would recomend to use the shampoo as well.the smell is great, and it isnt expensive. this conditioner is a great product and i recomend for you to try,there are also many different kinds for this product. you can find it basicaly anywere, and is salon approved.

Malden, MA


Suave Extreme Strength Conditioner

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