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Suave Exhale Alluring Body Lotion

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smells great


I love the smell of this lotion it's citrusy and refreshing without being to smelly.  I like to use it in the morning because it's almost like it cheers me up and invigorates me to get going.  Its a nice creamy consistency and its rather cheap.  The bottle is bright and cheery and has a nice pump.  It gives you a decent amount for your hands.  I love that its a big bottle for a little price because this way i can use it on my legs and hands.  If i use it everyday i don't notice any dryness and i have dry skin.  I keep my bottle onb my shelf so whenever i need it i can get some.  i think this is well worth the small amount you pay for it and it last a long time. I think this is a lotion you have to use daily as if i skip a day i do notice dry skin.  I think for the price though its worth it because theres enough you can apply it all day whenever you want.  I have pretty sensitive skin and its never bothered me like some of the other lotions ive used have.        

Stamford, NY


Cheap and smells good... so what's the problem?


The Suave Exhale Alluring Body Lotion has a fragrance unlike any other I have experienced in a lotion. It is spicy and warm, with just a touch of fruit. And it's so cheap.However, it doesn't moisturize well, especially in the dead of winter. I could see myself using this more in the summertime as a way to refresh after a day in the sticky heat.

Seattle, WA


I just want to swim in this stuff.


Readers,I adore this lotion. If it were any other scent, I'd probably not really care so much. The lotion is pretty thin (but still quite good) and is nowhere near being "rich" as it advertises on the bottle. If you try to apply after shaving, beware of some stinging and red marks that will appear.  It is not so thick that it really works fabulously as a skin-nourishing lotion.So why buy it? Why love it?The smell. Sandalwood and cinnamon. It's such a sexy scent (hence being "alluring") with that nice, earthy, spicy scent. It makes me feel so warm and is almost like cuddles-in-a-bottle. Something about that smell hits every little receptor in my mind and makes me relax and feel so cozy.Unfortunately, it only seems to translate into this specific scent in the lotion form (pretty common issue- sprays are too concentrated, gels and washes smell too soapy, lotions are just right). I'd love to wash in this, though.Oh, also, I have am very sensitive to strong smells and usually can't even put a scented lotion on anything more than my hands, if that. This one really is not that strong, but it is pretty lasting.This just works for me. It might not be perfect for others (it'd probably rate as a 3 for it's lotion quality), but I just love this (a 5...so I averaged the two out).Give it a whiff and make a decision based off of that..or just trust my nostrils! :)

Chattanooga, TN


Suave Exhale Alluring Body Lotion

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