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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Suave Damage Care Shampoo

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Suave damage care shampoo does what it guarantees.


Who has tons of money to spend on hair products while the economy is the way it is? Not me. Thats why suave has a new fantastic product. Its called Suaves damage care shampoo and it packs a powerfull punch of moisture where its most important.  Its a salon quality shampoo with added proteins to restore your damaged hair with its youthfull shine.  There is no doubt that you will be leaving your shower with stronger, healther hair.  Suaves damage care shampoo is formulated to work best when combined with suaves new damage care conditioner.  Using the combination of these two inexpensive, gentel yet effective suave products will repair years of damage from breakage. So if you want the strenth and silky shine you deserve, even if you have color treated hair, suaves damage care shampoo is gentle enough. I gave it four stars but along with the damage care condition I would give it five. Go to the store and try it for yourself, I did and I loved it.

Adams, MA


Suave Damage Care Shampoo

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