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Suave Captivating Curls Spray Gel

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Works well but a bit too thick


This is my favorite spray gel, but I only after I thin it out. I find that this is much to thick to be a spray gel. As is, this sprays on too clumpy. So I always dump half of this into another container, then fill the extra room with water and shake shake shake. After this is significantly thinned out it sprays onto hair easily and exactly how a spray gel should. I use this as a finishing gel after I have diffused my hair but before I scrunch out the crunch. So I diffuse, spray with this gel, wait for hair to dry completely, and finally scrunch out any crunch with my hands. This gel helps to take away any extra frizziness that could stick around from using my diffuser and leaves really smooth soft curls. I also sometimes use this to help spruce up my hair after a day if I am going out at night. The price of this is super low, and with my water method one bottle lasts for a really long time.




Keeps hair frizz free, soft and bouncy


Both my daughter and I have curly frizzy hair that needs a product to control it. I am always looking for the next best thing to help with it with price in mind. I have more wavy-curly frizzy hair and my daughter has tight frizzy ringlets. This didn't really work to well on my hair unless I used a lot of priduct and then my hair looked wet and was crunchy which is not a look I go for. When I used it on my daughter's hair however, it worked so good. Her frizzy hair went from a giant puff ball to perfectlt coiled and frizz free ringlets. It didn't leave her hair sticky or stiff or smelling bad and it lasted in her hair all day long and looked great. The gel has a light smell to it but it fades fairly fast and the scent is pleasant anyway. The best thing about this spray gel is that it is alcohol free so it's not so harsh on hair. There's a pretty good chance that I will purchase this again to use on her hair




Suave Captivating Curls Spray Gel

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