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Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant/Deodorant - Fresh

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Suave deodorant


Suave 24 hour protection aerosol antiperspirant and deodorant I'm the fresh scent is a pretty good deodorant! It's very easy to apply because of the aerosol can, you just lift up your arm and spray! It feels wet when it first sprays on but it dries very quickly within a matter of seconds! The initial wetness helps to make sure I'm getting all areas of my armpit though! I like how fresh and clean this deodorant smells and it really does protect me from body odor and perspiration for an entire 24 hours even in the hot and humid summers. Another great thing about this Suave aerosol deodorant is that it is cleaner then a stick deodorant, it doesn't clump under the arms or around the edges of the lid of the container. I would definitely recommend this deodorant. The only little drawback is that it is not as portable as a smaller rub on deodorant so it's not as convenient for travel or for carrying around in a purse for summer touchups.



Leaves me fresh and dry, and no white residue!


There are really not a lot of aerosol deodorants out there. I prefer aerosol, because I get the best coverage, and it seems like sticks and roll-ons leave white residue, no matter what the label says. It may not look like it on your pits, but change into a black sweater and it leaves a white swatch on your clothes that doesn't rub off. I hate that. Also, all aerosols are anti-perspirants. Haven't you ever been tricked by a stick of name brand deodorant at a good price? You use it and you don't smell, but you get wet spots under your arms. What? Oh, it was *only* deodorant and not an anti-perspirant too. Anyway, the Suave aerosol has 24-hour protection. It comes in powder and fresh scent, both smell the same to me. It's pretty inexpensive. I have never had a wetness or odor problem with this product. It meets clean air standards and has no CFC's. I would not use any other deodorant than Suave aerosol. Its effectiveness and price can't be beat.

Ames, IA


Aerosol is better


This Anti-perspirant Aerosol deodorant is very inexpensive, which is mosst of the reason why i buy it. I get what I need, but at a cheap price. At least try to. I personally prefer Aerosol deodorat than roll on & ive tried many. Im not sure what it is, but spraying the Aerosol deodorant just feels so much better than roll on. For this particular brand, it comes in Fresh & Powder, yeah, I prefer fresh. Its a great feeling after just getting out of the shower. Smells decent too really. Sometimes its effective sometimes not. I tend to have to spray more than need be. & sometimes I put it on more than once a day. Ive never had an issue with Aerosol leaving white marks on my clothes, mostly because I put my clothes on before I spray the deodorant. i ought to try other brands of anti-perspirant aerosol deodorant, but the biggeest reason I choose this one is because its cheaper than others. I'll never go back to rollons.

Felton, DE


would not buy again


I did not like this Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant/Deodorant. The brand is definitely not the best of quality. the price was right so i decided to give it a try and i was having a really hard time finding a womens spray deoderant. i tried it a couple times but was really not happy. i think i actually smelled after using it! it jsut didn't work for me! and i never had this problem with other deoderants like degree, arrid, etc. so i'm not sure if there are different ingrediants but i coudlnt' believe it i actually smelled.  i ended up giving it to a sister of mine that seems ok with using it but i was not going to bother with a deoderant that didn't give me full protection. that is the point of deoderant and above all else if it can't keep me from perspiring what is the point in wearing it? i definatly do not recommend this to anyone that has not tried it. i say go with a better quality deoderant like arrid. 

Baltimore, MD


Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant/Deodorant - Fresh

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