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StriVectin-SD SD Eye Cream

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Didn't Work for Me Either


I wasn't expecting miracles (although for the price, I should) but this didn't do anything for me. Very disappointing. There are other products out there that don't cost as much (Olay is the brand I use) and are just as effective. I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it - it would be especially disappointing if I had actually purchased the product and found out it was not so special. Absorption Absorbs fine - no whitish residue. Doesn't Clog Pores Doesn't clog pores, but I haven't used an eye product yet that does. Effectiveness Didn't notice any difference than with other products that are more economical.

Folsom, CA


Doesn't work for me


Hope springs eternal but after using this product for over two years I really didn't see that it was making any difference. I have very dry skin and was desperate to find something that would moisturize without being too heavy.  I also wanted something that would prevent new fine lines and wrinkles and take care of the one I already have.    I did not see any difference in my skin tone, fine lines or wrinkles.  I don't even think it did anything special for the dryness of my skin either.  It's very costly too.  I think it's a lot of hype and in this tough economic time I can't afford to throw away my money on products that just don't work.  Of course everyone's skin if different but it just didn't work for me.  There are no such things as miracle wrinkle removers.

Columbus, NJ


Strivectin-SD eye cream is FABULOUS on the entire eye area!


**FABULOUS **on the entire eye area. No burning, itching, or watering of eyes. This product is great to minimize on the fine eye lines.  I have used this product for a couple months now, and I ordered it from Macy's. Cannot say enough about the quick results.  I even ordered it for my mother early for Mother's Day.  She is well-pleased with her instant results too.  Mother and I have long looked for a product, that was didn't irriate our eyes.  We have to look NO further!  We will continue to use this product, as long as we have looked for it!

Morganton, NC


Very short, temporary fix.


I've given this product a fair try. I've used it for 7 months. It's quite expensive and I've read that so many "stars" use it. I was smart this time and took before and after pictures.....nothing. With all these products that promise the fine line and wrinkle improvement in six weeks, I thought that buying something better than just drugstore products would be worth the shot. I've also been using Strivectin HS. It's an oil that you spread on your problem areas, let it dry to a tacky feel and then place a hot washcloth over it for thirty seconds. Immedeiately after you take the wash cloth away there is a tremendous difference. However in a about a minute, the results are gone. The instructions say to use it twice a day until you reach your desired affect, then just use it to maintain the look. I've been using it for 4 weeks and see no difference. These products are pricey and I was sorry to find that they didn't work for me.

Garden Grove, CA


It really worked for my 40-year-old, oily skin!


I had heard about StriVectin but didn't try it until I found an offer at skinstore.com that gave a 60-day guarantee.  I figured this was long enough to give it a real try and without any risk.  I really did notice a difference in the brightness and softness of my skin.  I have an oily complexion and have a hard time with moisturizers in general, but StriVectin has never made me break out.  The only downside is in summer, it's just a little too heavy--- I wish they had a "light" version for humid weather!

Allston, MA


This is one over hyped product.


Strivectin is  not the product your would expect for the money. I found that it was no better at redefining skin than the store brand I had previously used. At best it is a passable moisturizer. My advice, save yourself some decent change and buy Olay.

Collinsville, OK


StriVectin-SD SD Eye Cream

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