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Stretch Tite
Stretch Tite Premium Plastic Food Wrap, 500 Sq. Ft. Roll

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Stretch Tite plastic wrap is the best I have ever used


I first heard about this platic wrap on America's test kitchen. They rated it as the best, but I couldn't find it in my normal supermarkets. I went to BJ's Wholesale club a while after that and they had 2-500sq ft boxes taped together. Asssuming it would be a great value, I definitely had to try it. It was one of my best purchases. I love the way the box is set up, it's like a commercial box of plastic wrap. I am very familiar with using them after years of working in food service jobs. It is very strong and doesn't rip easily. It clings well to any container I have tried to cover, even plastic bowls with missing lids. It holds tight and doesn't leak. That box seems to last forever. It seems like one of my best purchases yet. I went back to BJ's and bought more. I even gave some boxes away to my friends, so they could try it. I just hope BJ's always carries it, a few times I have went to buy something and they didn't have it anymore. I hope that won't be the case with this.

Bridgeton, NJ


Stretch Tite Premium Plastic Food Wrap, 500 Sq. Ft. Roll

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