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Stress-O-Pedic Mattress Co., Inc  Pillow Top Mattress

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Mattress going on 6 years and is still great


Bought a king Lexington Firm for my parents almost 6 years ago and they still love it.  Was alot less than the other brands in the store.  Like the fact that it is made here in Cali as well.  It has a slight impression on the side my dad sleeps but he isn't a light guy.  I bought one of their visco beds for myself 5 months ago and it is very nice.  Would reccomend. 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


stress-o-pedic pillow top, guarnteed to sleep good all night


i just got this new stress o pedic bed, i was nervous at first, but for just a little over 500 how could you beat that, plus a 10 year warrenty with it.  the only problem i found with it is that the stitching with it is not correct.  the design in the bed, had a string from one end of one design to the next, which is how it seals the stitch, so if you cut or pull a string it will make the strings unravel and then leave holes along the design stitching.  But with the 10 year warrenty they do fix that, anything they fix and they do all of the shipping and everything for free.  for the price and the warrenty you can't beat it.  i spent more last year on a serta a it was so uncomfortable and hard and in less then 6 months, worthless, with no help from the company, they say you get what you pay for, but i paid the same price for this pillowtop stress-o-pedic and am very happy with it.  and how can you beat a 10 year warrenty that guarntees everything from even a difference in the bed less then an inch in showing or feel

Phoenix, AZ


Stress-O-Pedic Mattress Co., Inc Pillow Top Mattress

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