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Stress-O-Pedic Dream Dimension Mattress

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This mattress (as the title says) is so-so. Its very soft and comfortable at the start, like most if not ALL beds, but after less than a year it is not doing its job very well. I mean yes its comfortable, but it could be better. MUCH better. Similar to a previous reviewer said, my husband and I would turn the bed very two, three, or four months to help it keeps its form and comfort, but it doesn't seem like it helps very much. I really did enjoy the bed for awhile though, but it just doesn't hold a candle to other beds we have had. To finalize the bed is okay, but for the price it not worth it in my opinion.



Stress-O-Pedic Monte Carlo Pillow Top-Best for my back!


I have had them all! The Monte Carlo Pillow top has been the best thing I have ever done for my back. This company makes a great bed and it should be in more stores. I had a heck of a time trying to compare prices. I would have paid more than I did for this one. Still cannot believe how cheap this bed is compared to the name brands for the quality.

Chino, CA


Worst purchase I ever made.


We bought our Stress-O-Pedic mattress about a year ago, we maintained it and turned it about every 3 months to prevent body impressions per manufactures guidelines.  After about 9 months of sleeping on it, it started to get horrible body impression and I would find myself sinking further down as the weeks progressed.  We contacted the company to have it turned in for repair.   So we paid the 75 bucks to send it back we were without a bed for 2 weeks all to find out that they would not repair or replace it.  So we are stuck with a degraded 1 year old mattress and out 1500 bucks.   This is the last time I will ever purchase an off brand mattress, I'm going to stick to the big 3 from now on, lesson learned.

Surprise, AZ


The Dream Dimension mattress is better than sleeping on a cloud.


I have a very bad back, and the bed I was sleeping on just made it worse.  Shopping for beds is never fun for me, laying down, getting up, etc.  Till I found the Dream Dimension Pillow Top mattress, Model 2371, from Stress-O-Pedic Mattress Co., Inc. It has a pillow top construction that is very comfortable, yet supportive.  Moreover, you don't feel any movement if another is moving around on the bed.  And the price is very reasonable for this mattress; other larger brand name mattresses sell for much more while definately being less comfortable. The only drawback, which is temporary, is the break in period.  Of course, the mattress on the showroom floor is much softer than a brand spanking new mattress; and with my bad back, I was really disappointed that the mattress wasn't soft to begin with.  But with patience, and approximately 2 weeks of use, it softened up beautifully, and yet still supports my back. I highly recommend the Dream Dimension Pillow Top mattress, Model 2371, from the Stress-O-Pedic Mattress Co., Inc.  They are located in Ontario, California

Santa Ana, CA


Stress-O-Pedic Dream Dimension Mattress

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