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Streits Low Sodium Matzo Ball & Soup Mix

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Excellent low sodium mazto ball soup for the soul


They say that Chicken noodle soup is the penicillin for the common cold. Well, Matzo Ball Soup is not just penicillin for the common cold, it's also Chicken Soup for the soul. Every time one of us gets a cold or is just feeling down, the other makes Matzo Ball soup to help us out (yes, this is one of the few things I can make without ruining it!). There's something about it that is the ultimate in comfort food. Warm, tasty, hearty, filling. Feels like your mama made it. I introduced Matzo Ball soup to my husband who is Mexican and he immediately loved it!!! It's sort of like his albondigas soup with dumplings instead of meatballs. But we've had to hunt around for the low sodium version due to his diet. Regular Matzo Ball soup mix (any brand) has 880mg of sodium per serving (2 Matzo balls in approximately 1 cup of soup). Manichewitz's low sodium has 870mg. Not much of a difference at all. Streit's has 140mg. Much better!! It also tastes much better. You get to control your intake of salt and add salt to your liking or not (we usually don't). The box comes with the soup mix and the matzo ball mix in separate packets; everything you need to make the soup except for eggs, oil and water. You can also add small thin egg noodles if you like (we sometimes use Fideo noodles-1 inch noodles that are smaller than Angel Hair pasta). In less than 1 hour, you can have all the comfort you need with the best low sodium chicken soup with a few hearty Matzo Balls dropped in. What more could you ask for?

Sherman Oaks, CA


Streits Low Sodium Matzo Ball & Soup Mix

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