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Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L

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A solid flashlight that was worth the cost


A good friend of mine is an appliance repair man, and when he comes to work on our dishwasher or washing machine, he always brings a strong flashlight with him. I walk in the early mornings, and I need a good strong flashlight with me for safety. Not only so I can see where I am going, but so that others can see me. I asked him what brand flashlight he uses and he didn't hesitate to tell me all about the StreamLight brand. He praised them so highly, but did tell me they are expensive. He said they were sold at a place where he orders his parts from, so I had him buy one for me. For such a small flashlight, this SteamLight did not disappoint. It is very powerful! The product claims to have a 50,000 hour lifetime on the LEd lightbulbs. There are three modes to choose from, momentary, variable intensity, or strobe, but I have never used the strobe so I can't speak to how well that feature works. If you are a boating enthusiast, this flashlight is waterproof for a half an hour. It comes with two lithium batteries as well. I think the clip on the side of the flashlight is very handy, and allows you to clip it in place if you need your hands free for other tasks. There is even a handy carrying pouch that comes with the flashlight, which would be handy if you are keeping it in the car for emergencies. Overall, I am pleased with the StreamLight, even though I had never heard of this brand before. It provides a very powerful beam, and even works quite well when it's foggy or snowing. I highly recommend the StreamLight flashlight.

Eagle River, AK


Bright light in a small package!


In a long search for my father a Christmas present, we finally chose this and it was a hit! He had been looking for a while at different LED lights that were very expensive, but this one didn't break the bank. My husband picked this one out and said he would have this one for himself. Sooo, I secretly ordered hubby one for Christmas also. He was so surprised and happy when he opened it. It is so bright to be so small! I have to admit that I was shocked at the quality from something that will fit into your pocket. This will be great when we are camping and hiking and have limited space. Now I can walk the dogs without having to carry something the size of a baseball bat with me. Can't really make any points to the battery life yet, since we just got them a few days ago, but I am not anticipating a problem. I would certainly recommend this to anyone that has been looking for a compact LED light that doesn't want to spend a fortune. 

Dallas, GA


Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L

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