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Straight Talk

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This Is The Best Plan


I've had Straight Talk for almost 15 years. In the beginning, it was dicey. Simply because it was a new company trying to gain footing and get going. But over the past 5 years or so, it's great!! You can choose from a variety of phones at Walmart. And to activate it, all you have to do is follow a few prompts on the phone. As far as service plans...you can just call and use your debit card in the automated system. It's $35/mo for unlimited EVERYTHING!! You really can't beat that.


Medina, TN


I would recommend this company!!


I have been with straight talk for awhile now and I have to say it is a great plan, I love the fact that I don't have to have a contract. No matter where I go I usually have service. And the data I get is awesome.


Pierce city Missouri


I love this service for the price


It's great service for the price. And the phones arent to bad priced either




I regret not switching to straight talk sooner!


I was on a contract plan fro years. Eventually I got sick of the bill always going up. I decided about 2 years ago to try straight talk and it was the best choice ever not only am i saving 100 a month of my phone service but it using the exact same towers as my contracted plan. the monthly cost is always the same and they have a TRULY unlimited data plan


dawson springs, ky


I was promised $20 discount on my upgraded phon


I was promised a $20 discount on my upgraded phone by one representative and then when the invoice came thru then no discount. I called back and talked to someone else and was told they couldn't give me the discount now even though my present phone was considered not compatible by the end of the year. Customer service lies and I thought Straight Talk was better than that. Now I know and will consider taking my business elsewhere.


Bristol, VA


I love their service


I have had straight talk for many years. They just came out with the unlimited plan and I think it's awesome.




Still My Preferred Service Provider


I have been with Straight Talk for approximately 5 years now. Since being a customer of theirs I have only had to call them twice for technical problems I was receiving when first signing up with them. Both of these were taken care of within the same day. I have never experienced dropped calls. Texting, a few times I do get a dialog box stating I have to download an MMS message, which does become a bit frustrating at times. When I am connected to the Internet, pages load quickly and effortlessly. Speed does slow down after you reach your limit, but the data is still considered unlimited. Not too much of a hassle if you are spending the majority of your time connected via WiFi (which DOES NOT count towards your data 4G limit). Though I have thought about going back to a contracted plan, the price and service I get with Straight Talk is equal to, if not better than any of the big name companies I have dealt with in the past.


Willingboro, NJ


Cheapest phone plans great service


The plans are cheaper then Other plans and I got my phone on sale I can pay for my phone when I need it I like that it's a no contract phone theirs nothing I don't like about it


Anderson in


Messes up alot


They need to fix there mistakes when communicating to people.




Straight talk has good Coverage!


I used straight talk's prepaid phone services for a few years now and it still has the best reception out of all the other phone carriers! Since they use multiple cell towers, they pick up cell reception virtually anywhere!


north carolina


Straight Talk

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