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Stove Knob Covers 5 Pack

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Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers do the trick!


We have a stand-alone range, a Frigidaire Gallery series, 5 knobs right on the front where curious hands can reach.  When my youngest, 1 yr old, started to take interest in the stove, I knew I had to get some safety items.  I did alot of research on another website and decided that the Safety 1st 5-Pack Clearview Stove Knob Covers were about the only option I had.  Being inexpensive (tho you can't put a price on your child's safety), I bought a pack.  They were insanely easy to install - pull off knob, place cover over pin, replace knob.  They are large - they hang down so that when I open and close my oven door I hit them.  No worries tho because the door glides right past the covers.  Even when open the covers do not actually restrict the door from opening or closing (which is good b/c I generally open and close my oven door in a hurry b4 the kids notice what I'm doing).  The covers spin around freely which adds a level of enjoyment for my 1 yr old but he has yet to get them open.  I will say that if you pull at the closure point the covers will open but, like I said, the kid has yet to figure that out.  I like that they are clear - I can spin the cover around and make sure the burners are off whenever I walk by.  One bad thing however, when they are closed and I'm using the range, the knobs and covers tend to get warm.  Not hot, but they are noticeably warm.  I usually just open up all of the covers for a few minutes to allow the heat to dissipate. 


Westminster, CA


Stove Knob Covers 5 Pack

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