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Frozen Dinner
Stouffer's Skillet Meals

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These Skillet Meals are amazing!


I have been looking for something quick, easy, and different for the few days a month when it's just my husband and myself for dinner.  I wanted something that tastes good without hours in the kitchen or the drive and expense of going to town for a dinner out. I have definitely found the answer in these skillet meals.  Our favorite is the chicken and vegetables.  Just a few minutes in the skillet and you have a wonderful tasting meal.  The sauce is superb.  I served this with some baguette rolls from the deli and we both found ourselves cleaning the plates to get the last of the sauce. Since I usually cook for eight and don't do well adjusting to two, there are always leftovers.  Not this time!  Not that we weren't plenty full from the amount given, it was just that good that even getting full you wanted to go for a little more.  I would highly recommend this product if you want a quick and delicious meal!

Columbus Grove, OH


These are the best!!


*My hubby and I love these meals. I take the pot roast pour it into a pot and add beef broth and beef stew seansoning and tada! a quick and simple beef stew. The meal pieces are very large and extremely tender, they are so tender you really don't need teeth to eat tthe large chunks with. The carots are bewteen 1" and 1.25" long they are tender and easy to chew. The potatoes are large size chunks too and just the rignt softness to eat. Their celery, I don't like celery in pot roast but I do like this, is the same size as the carrots and not stringy, they are very tender and the sauce they use with it is just the right flavor. A nice beef flavor it reminds me of the pot roast my Granny use to make when I was a little girl.. The serving sizes are large. I feed my hubby and I very well without being hungry still after eating. There is enough per portion size you don't need anything else to go with it. I would recomend this to anyone to try it is really wonderful. *

Clanton, AL


Loving Stouffer's Skillet Meals-fast & restaurant quality-GREAT


Tried Stouffer's Skillet Meals 3 times and love how simple, fast and delicious these are.  My family loves them and it actually looks like I made it.....!!!!!    Try them if you love great tasting food and are too busy all the time to cook from scratch...

Hanover, PA


Stouffer's Skillet Meals

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