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Stouffer's Lasagna Italiano

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Almost inedible


All the positive reviews are fairly old here, and it seems Stouffer's have changed the recipe. We prepared our family size lasagna in the oven exactly as directed except that we added some extra cheese for the final 10 minutes of cooking. The result was bland and lacked texture. The pasta was mushy and overcooked. The sauce was almost tasteless except for a touch of oregano. My wife threw most of her serving away as she just couldn't eat it. I ate my serving because I'll eat almost anything, but I added some salt and pepper so that it at least tasted like something.




The best frozen food ever


This is Hands down my favorate food to nuke up, I always keep a few boxes in the freezer, and whenever I'm not in the mood to cook or can't decide what to eat, I nuke up Stouffers Lasagna. I've made Lasagna and had it at restaurants, and there's just something that doesn't compare to Stouffers. It's expensive to make Lasagna. and for the conveinience of just popping something in the microwave, it can't be beat. I love it, one of the best tasting authentic frozen foods on the market.


Oak Bluffs, MA




***I tried Stouffer's Lasagna not too long ago, and I was pleasantly suprised by its good taste.  After eating this Lasagna it left me wanting more, and that's pretty darn good for a Lasagna that's not home made.***


Chicago, IL


Real Italian Lasagna


  * I always used to make my own lasagna from scratch. Since, it has gotten too expensive for homemade. Then I started to by Stouffer's Lasagna. One day we tried Stouffer's  Lasagna Italiano It was perfection. There seemed to be more cheese. It was moist and delicious. You could cut it with a fork. You could taste fresh tomato bites, not just tomato sauce. It was truly a homemade taste. This will be our Lasagna from now on. If you take it out of the freezer to thaw, the day before you want to cook it, it will take half the time to cook. Even so, if frozen, it only takes 1 hour to cook.*


Spring Hill, FL


Tastes better than homemade


I have a large family, and every get-together they all expect my homemade lasagna. Then a friend told me about Stoffer's Lasagna, so I bought it and the next time I made it I put it in one of my own dishes before baking it and served it to my family. They raved about "moms" lasagna--they never knew and also said it was the best ever. All those years of cooking and now my job is so much easier, I also put extra  cheese on top. Preparing homemade lasagna is pretty expensive and time consuming. What a clever gal I am..


Madisonville, KY


My family would eat this every night if I let them.


Yes I prefer to make my own lasagna, but who has the time any more.  This Stouffer's product is very delicious and my whole family loves it.  And it is so yummy and cheesy and has plenty of sauce.  I normally don't like frozen lasagnas, but this Lasagna Italiano is too good to pass up.  Try it and hopefully you will be impressed as well. 


Austin, TX


Stouffer's Lasagna Italiano

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