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Frozen Dinner, Vegetarian
Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest Vegetable Lasagna with Whole Grain Pasta

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It is very delicious.


I loved this meal! Even though it was frozen, after heating, it tasted as though it had been freshly prepared. It is a very colorful dish made with fresh vegetables, creamy cheese, and whole wheat pasta. This better for you option is quick and easy to prepare and leaves your stomach full. Your taste buds will thank you!



Stuff Yourself On This Tasty Dish


Upon careful consideration in the frozen foods isle, I found this and thought it was worthy to give it a try. Stouffer's Farmers Harvest Vegetable Lasagna is a very wholesome dinner that you can feed your family fully knowing they are getting a very good product. This is made with whole grains and has vegetables that you can actually see in their product. This is found to be a colorful and tasty main dish which can be placed in the oven or can be cooked in your microwave for your convience. I decided to take the microwave route and followed the directions. This comes in a tray as many frozen foods do. To cook in an oven you should place on a cookie sheet first and your cooking time is 70 minuets in a 350 degree oven. Then you need to remove the plastic and cook an additional 10 minuets. So, I thought if it takes that long then the microwave would be quicker and I would not have the oven on for so long. This is what I decided upon. I placed this in the microwave for 11 minuets without pulling or venting that plastic covering. That is what the directions say to do. Next, remove the plastic which I also did, cooking on 50 % power for an additional 20 minuets. But, when I went back to take a peek on the timer on my microwave, it was bubbling over the sides all over the glass plate as it rotated in circles for the even heating process. I was not happy with some extra cleanup even though it did save me time doing it this way. I used a spoon and pushed the contents inward more to be sure not to lose any of the delicious looking topping. I had to let it set for about 10 minuets after it was finished cooking to give it cool down time but when it was all said and done, it tasted delicious. I will be trying this again. Layered from whole grain lasagna noodles with your vegetables and a creamy white alfredo sauce, this was worth the trouble. I love the taste along with the toppings on this meal and would highly recommend this for others to at least give it a try. Taste delish! Made with no preservatives, no trans fats, contains real cheese and sea salt ( which is suppose to be better for you) this makes a terrific meal at an affordable price. You are getting a 2 # 5 1/2 oz tray full of Vegetable Lasagna from Stouffers. Nutrition: There is about 4.5 servings in this tray of which they consider a serving to be about a cup. There are 300 calories with 100 of them from fat. There is a total of 11 fat grams in a serving with 3.5 grams being in saturated fats. The cholesterol is said to be 15 grams but the sodium is up there some at 820 mgs. High in carbohydrates as there is 38 grams. There is also 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar and a larger amount of protein as there is 12 grams per serving. Consisting of Vitamin A at 40 %, Vitamin C at 20 %, Calcium 25 % and Iron at 4 % this appears to be a dish that is full of nutrients. *Contains Milk And Wheat Ingredients.* Distributed by Nestle USA, Inc. Solon, Ohio.

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Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest Vegetable Lasagna with Whole Grain Pasta

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