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Storkcraft Baby
Storkcraft Baby Rochester Convertable Crib

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Looks nice, but not worth it.


I learned my lesson with this crib. I fell in love with the designs and colors that storkcraft offered, but I didn't make safety my number one priority. I should have. If you think about just how much time your child spends in a crib, you really should make that your number one factor in deciding what to buy. In this instance, I believe that you should go for the safest, most quality piece of furniture. My intent was for all of my kids to use this crib (I have two and want one more before we are done). I wanted it to last and just transition each one into a toddler bed in between uses. I don't think that'll happen. My crib has been recalled twice! Each time the recall pieces have been cheap plastic pieces that I honestly don't believe will help the cause. They took the cheap way out and it shows. It's not worth saving money to get a crib that will endanger your child's life. At least that is what I learned from my crib buying experience. Another downfall about this crib is that with military life we are moving a lot. This crib does NOT move well. In fact it barely fits out of my daughter's bedroom door. Most times we have to disassemble the crib just to move it from one place to another. There's really no reason for that! 

Fort Stewart, GA


The Storkcraft Rochester Crib is very sturdy!!!


When I found out I was pregnant with my son in March of 2008, I began the search to find the perfect furniture for his nursery! When I found out it was a boy, I leaned toward the darker wood, so it would match the darker blue and brown bedding I had picked out. I purchased the Cherry finish of this crib for a reasonable price at an online site. When the crib was delievered to me, it came packaged very nicely, and was not knicked or scrateched at all. The assembly for the crib is definetly for two people. Especially if you were seven months pregnant like I was at the time. The instructions are a bit confusing, because they do skip a step in the process I noticed, but once we figured it out we put the whole bed together (bedding and all) in about a two hour time span. The crib is very sturdy which I love because my now one year old son likes to jump and bounce around in it when he is playing. The bite gaurd on the side rail of the crib is amazing because it prevents scratching when those little teethies start coming in! I love the crib, it was a great value for the price I paid.

Lumberton, TX


Beautiful and Worth the Money!


The Storkcraft Rochester Crib in cherry wood is the most wonderful crib I have ever seen!  It is beautiful, durable, has a drawer for storage, and will last a lifetime!  It is made of solid wood, not that fake wood most cheap cribs are made of, and it has an easy to use drop rail that works with only one hand!   It converts into a day bed and then into a full size bed.  It costs more than a traditional crib but in the long run you save a bundle by never having to buy another bed for your child.  I absolutely love this crib!!!

Alexandria, LA


Poor quality


This was a huge disappointment.  I have had to call numerous times for replacement parts.  As a single parent I cannot afford a new crib.  I have done everything I can to keep this one safe for my son.  He will not get the full use of it.  I bought this for the features and will now have to upgrade sooner than later.

Elgin, IL


Really useful


I have seen this in a store and I was planning to buy it for someone that i know- it is a really nice set and a really great piece of furniture for someone who wants to save some space.  I would definely get this crib for people that I know.  Not only is it durable but it is also reusable and can be used again and again- Not only can this be put together and is very sturdy and I believe that I is a great setting for the baby- I is a very clear cut furniture design.

Chicago, IL


Flimsy Structure; No clear directions; impossible to do alone


I do not  recommend this crib; my granddaughter has one and it is very flimsy.  It would be better if it came with more screws, because dials just don't hold a crib together especially if there is no glue.  (and if you use glue then you can't take it apart to move it.)  The wood dings very easily, there are noticable spots on the crib that we've fixed with wood putty.  The box was damaged; it should have been marked FRAGILE.  For the safety of other children, please don't get this crib.

Patton, PA


Storkcraft Baby Rochester Convertable Crib

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