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Stone Specific
Stone Specific Polished Granite Cleaner/Resealer

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StoneSpecific Polished Granite Cleaner makes countertop like new


Stone Specific Polished Granite Cleaner is the only product like this that I have found that works so well. My granite is about 6 years old and has not been resealed so there is some tendency that even after wiping up spills you can see marks and fingerprints are left behind. This cleaner promises to act like a resealer every time you use it and I have to give it credit that it does fill the bill. Iit works just like a regular spray - no advance prep needed and you just spray and wipe away anything you want with a paper towel just like any other kitchen countertop cleaner. But this leaves the granite with a great long-lasing shine that no ordinary spray or soap and water(which is reccomended for granite) can do. And it is good for the granite! I also use it in the bathroom where my hairspray dulls the shine on the countertop. Stone Specific easily wipes away the hairspray with no scrubbing necessary and leaves behind a great shine and smooth surface. It is not cheap but you only need to use a little to get the job done and keep your countertop looking brand new.

Lake Forest, CA


Stone Specific Polished Granite Cleaner/Resealer

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