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Stila lip glaze

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Handy And Unique- Has Some Drawbacks Too


One of the interesting products I have had the opportunity to use over the years has been the lip glaze from Stila. **Product Details** Stila Lip Glaze is a unique lip gloss system. It comes in a clear tube which has a clear snap on lid and the other end has a knob to turn. You can see the gloss through the tube, and then as you turn the knob, a plunger moves up gradually into the gloss and pushes it up through a brush which is on the end of the tube- an applicator. The colors tend to be on the very sheer side, some are creamy some are sparkly . Most of them are flavored to reflect fruity flavors, or flavors of drinks, etc. **Product Performance** Stila Lip Glaze is one of those products that has a list of positives, but also negatives. *Positives:* These lip glazes are easy to see so that you know how much is left in the tube. They are lightly scented but not flavored heavily. The glosses are not overly sticky, and the colors are interesting and sometimes very pretty- such as the Jewel versions they came out with at Christmas time. *Negatives:* The gloss is hard to estimate- if you turn the knob, nothing comes out and then all of a sudden, the pressure is so high on the gloss that it comes oozing out of the brush too much and you have to put it all somewhere before you put the cap back on. Another thing I don't like is that these glosses tend to go rancid pretty quickly. And once you turn the knob one way, you can not turn it back- EVER. **The Bottom Line** A very convenient lip gloss with a brush and see through to gauge how much you have left, this gloss can also be frustrating to use when too much comes out of the tube. It also has a tendency to go rancid fast, so collecting these to use over a few years is not a great idea. The colors are VERY sheer so if you are looking for heavy coverage, you should probably look elsewhere.

Podunk, NY


Too sticky and sloppy


I am a sucker for lip products and a big fan of Stila for their eye and face lines so I expected to love their lip glaze, unfortunately I was wrong and as this is a higher-end makeup the buyer's remorse was ratcheted up a bit over your run of the mill drug store variety.  I love bright lip shades but matte lipstick is too bold for my comfort level which is why I was so tempted by this lip glaze in the first place, I was hoping for something pretty and wearable that would make my face look "done" without looking too made up. Instead this glaze just made my lips feel goopy and messy.  The color was only lasted as long as this glaze sat atop my lips, it didn't soak in but rather just kind of remained there like a thick layer of frosting on a cake.  I can not stand makeup that looks to obvious or feels to obvious and this was both of those things.  I do not like to feel my lip product (outside of a softening effect) and I did not like worrying about it coming off on my teeth, clothing or my daughter when I kissed her.  Waste of money in my opinion.

Saint Paul, MN


Loves it!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stila Lip Glaze. Since it is a glaze, it's a bit sticky and heavier than most lip glosses out there. I personally don't think it's *that* sticky. I have various shades, and I think they are all wonderful. Absolute favorites are the Raspberry and Apricot shades. What you see is what you get. (some glosses look different in the tube than on the lips) No suprise color here. I like the fact that it's not messy, you don't have to involve your fingers to apply, and you can control the amount that goes on. It takes more clicks the first time to get the glaze flowing, but after that, it's usually 2 clicks, maybe 3. The more glaze you want the more you click ;-) . It's genius. It's only messy if you over click. The staying power of the Lip Glaze is amazing. You don't have to reapply many times a day, and it keeps lips moisturized! The price per tube is a bit much, but you can usually find them in a set, which saves you a bit of money, and they're long lasting. The sets are for mini tubes, but I still think it brings enough gloss. They make great stocking stuffers.

Hialeah, FL


a little too sticky for me


To be honest, I find the colors and finish of the Stila lip glazes to be absolutely lovely.  I have several of these and I adore the high gloss and shimmer in the finish.  With these lip glazes, I can create perfectly sculpted lips that look like something out of a promo photoshoot without any kind of special techniques at all.  They're seriously that pretty.  my main issue is with the stickiness.  I...unfortunately can't stand stickiness in lipglosses.  if the day is just a little windy, my hair get caught on my mouth, and then due to the stickiness, my hair end up being slightly sticky.  gross!  x___x  So yeah, unfortunately i can't stand the stickiness. But due to the stickiness, these lip glazes definitely last really long time.  they REALLY stay on your lips!  and because they are thick, they're capable of creating a perfectly glossy and plump pout.  Some days I seriously regret the fact that it being sticky killed it for me.  If i could stand that, i would buy a tons more of the lip glazes for sure.

San Jose, CA


Love Stila Lip Glaze


I've been phasing out my old lip stick and buying up Stila lip glaze whenever I find it at a good price.  First of all, the shine is fabulous. It always looks dressy when you are out.     The darker and brighter colors last forever.  They even outlast a cup of coffee.  I find the softer, more natural colors don't last as long.  However, if I line my lips with a neutral pencil first, the color does last longer.  The tube/applicator is convenient and  allows you to line and shape your lips as you apply.  The only negative is that some people may find the product a bit sticky.  The applicator, which I actually love,  sometimes delivers too much color, and I have to wipe it off.  However, overall, I find this to be a great product.  They have a large choice of colors.  The shine is outstanding.  The tube is very easy to carry in a purse or wristlet.  Stila also does a great job putting together  collections  of lip glaze that will save you money.  They make great gifts as well.

Wayne, NJ


Stila lip glaze is so pretty


Stila lip glaze is wonderful and so pretty.  I love their color options.  Stila lip glaze is perfect for subtle color.  The shine and smoothness of the lip glaze is flattering.  I am allergic to some lipsticks so I am always looking for a good gloss.  The glaze does not dry out my lips.  Stila lip glaze is great.  I also like it when you have the option to purchase it in a pack.  I like a most of the color options they have and the color usually goes on very pretty.  The smell is just right as well. I even think the containers are adorable.  The brush tip helps it go on smooth.  You just do not want to twist it so much that too much comes out.  It seems like the gloss can stick to your hair, but it's not too bad.  They are also a little expensive.  I think the pinks and purples they offer would look good on most people.  I also feel like the glaze runs out sort of quick.  But overall Stila makes a really great gloss.  

Los Angeles, CA


Stila lip glaze

3.3 6