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Stihl MS270 Wood Boss Chainsaw

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Fells a dougless fur in meer seconds


The Stihl MS 270 Wood Boss is a great mid-range personal use chain saw. For the last two summers I've used this MS 270 nearly every week. I live in a highly forested area so the MS 270 is a great tool to clear out the forest and make it healthier. Although it can be a bit burdensome at times, and will occasionally stall out on larger cuts it does a great job of cutting through trees under 2' in diameter. So far I've only had a few chains sharpened and have not had to replace or repair anything else. The MS 270 makes replacing the chain quick work. The MS 270 is often a little too much saw for removing smaller limbs and can be a pain to get in position. On occasion I have used it for rough cutting wood down for wood sculptures. It is a fine instrument but by no means intended for precision. The MS 270 is a brute and nothing more can be said. If you are in need of a decent gasoline based chainsaw the Stihl MS 270 will do the job.


Ashland, OR


Stihl MS270 Wood Boss Chainsaw

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