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Stevita Liquid Stevia Extract

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I Love Stevita


I love green tea but I get tired of the same drink over and over, day after day. When I found Stevita, I feel like I found a gold mine! Stevita is a naturally flavored liquid sweetner that has many, many flavors from which to choose. I like to buy the 1.35 fluid ounce squeeze bottles. I usually have several different flavors handy so that I can change the flavor from day to day and not to get tired of the same thing over and over. My favorite is mango and peach but I am drinking the strawberry right now! I usually make green tea by the pitcher with tea bags. As I prepare a glass for myself, I add whatever flavor stevita that I want. Stevita is liquid stevia with zero calories and zero carbs. Depending on how large the glass is, as many as 8 drops will give great flavor. It also will depend on how sweet you like your drink. I usually put around 4 drops and am happy with that. I have also gotten certain flavors to add to coffee and hot chocolate such as vanilla, chocolate raspberry and hazelnut. Other tea flavors I've tried are lemon and valencia orange. It can be used in smoothies, shakes, water and just about anything that you want to add a little flavor. The bottle is so easy to carry in a purse and take to the restaurant or anywhere else.

Flint, TX


Stevita Liquid Stevia Extract

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