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Sugar Substitute
Stevia Extract In the Raw

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Great substitute for artificial sweeteners


From the makers of Sugar in the Raw, this Stevia product had high expectations from me since I enjoyed Sugar in the Raw. Overall, it tastes great in coffee. I also mix it in with unsweetened cranberries occasionally. It is a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners with potentially harmful chemicals. Stevia is a natural product and it is rising in popularity very quickly. It does have a finer texture than Truvia does. It is a great substitute for sugar and you will find plenty of taste as well.



the best all natural sugar substitute


Stevia Extract in the raw is from the makers of Sugar in the raw. This sugar substitute sweetener is 100% natural and has 0 calories. This prouct comes n a 1.75 oz. box. And there are 50 packets in eah box.Stevia in the raw extract is the newest product in the !00% natural in the raw line. Stevia is the favorite Natural Cain Turbinado Sugar around the globe. Stevia in teh raw is considered the best form of Stevia ever. This product can be used in place of sugar anytime. It can be used in cold or hot beverages and is safe for cooking and baking. each one packet of Stevia has the equiilant of the sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar. But we all have our own personal taste buds. I find tha tif I use only one paket it tastes kind of bitter instead of sweet. And I personally cannot use Stevia in coffe, but love it in tea. Stevia is kin of expensive but in the long run when used in place of sugar you take in less calories .And that will eventually result in weight loss.

Roanoke, VA


Stevia Extract In the Raw

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