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Sump Pump
Stevens Submersible Sump Pump

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Highly Dependable and well built


Stevens pump is **AMERICAN MADE** and is located in Illinois. I bought my first Stevens pump model SS45F in 1995. This pump is still going strong in 2009. I built an addition to my home with a second sump crock and I bought the same model. My sump pump runs approximately every half hour on average throughout the year. I have never had an issue with either pump. The pump is made from cast iron and weighs 14 pounds. The weight helps the pump from moving around in the crock. The oil filled pump is quiet. My first pump is located beneath my two year old's bedroom and he is not affected by the pump kicking on or running. The 1/3 horse power pump will evacuate water at 30 gallons per minute up to ten feet high (head pressure). There is a maximum 17.5 feet head pressure. The discharge connection is a 1 1/2 inch threaded hole. This pump comes with a three year warranty which is better than most 1 year warranties offered by other companies. I recommend trying to find this pump locally to save on shipping cost. Stevens pump.com has good information on this model and others depending on your needs.  The phone number to Stevens Pump company is 800-443-6533. I have contacted them and they seem to have good customer relations. Give them a call and ask where your closest Stevens pump retailer is located. You will not be disappointed.

Grand Blanc, MI


Stevens Submersible Sump Pump

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