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Steven Dunlap & Company -
Steven Dunlap & Company - Moonies

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When's The Last Time Ya 'Mooned' Anyone?


"Moonies" allow you to release your road rage, make other passengers bust out in laughter, or just give you something to do in traffic." There's a suction cup on it's back so ya can hang it on a car window. This 6 x 5 x 9 inches gag doll has a problem. There's a long, thin rubber tube attached to it's foot with a red rubber bulb on the end. Ya squeeze the bulb and the doll will lower his hands and drop it's pants! "This is perfect to use to prevent road rage towards the annoying person driving next to you. The guy/lady whose on the phone, while drinking a cup of coffee, and typing on their laptop, that is swerving in out and lanes next to you. **MOON THEM!**" Always a good laugh! This was too funny to pass up! I would recommend this to a friend with a great sense of humor!

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Steven Dunlap & Company - Moonies

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