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Sterilite Touch Top Wastebasket #1097

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touch top waste basket


The sterilite touch top waste basket 1097 is wonderful to have and it isn't that expensive. The only problems that this waste basket has is that the springs rust and wear out to fast and then you need to wait for the company to replace the springs for you. The other thing is that trying to keep it completely stain free. It is hard to remove stains from a white waste basket. This waste basket has a wonderful touch top lid that is sturdy and sure holds alot of trash. I have alot of little dogs and they would always pull my trash out of the cans and now with this waste basket they can't even get to my trash. Also this waste basket is a space saver. I did notice that the lid doesn't close that tightly on it and i still have to use my hands so it will open. It isn't completely like the ones where I just press with my feet and it opens, but it still is a good waste basket. Yes I would recommend this to my friends.

San Bernardino, CA


Sterilite Touch Top Wastebasket #1097

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