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Sterilite 3 Qt. & 7 Qt. Hinged Lid Storage Boxes

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Best for storing small stuff and computer parts & cables


I love these boxes. I have a bunch in the garage and in the office. I use them for organizing spare computer parts and office supplies. I like the fact that I can flip the lid and get inside or leave the lid open and not fall over a bunch of lids that aren't tied to something - like the box they belong to. They also stack well. ITs all in how you choose to use them!



It's a good bin but not the best!


I have a couple of this size at home and it works, but it just wouldn't be my top pick. The Sterilite Hinged Storage lid sounded like a great idea at first and the bin looked fun, so I gave it a try. It does store your stuff in it, but I will say that I would rather use this for indoor items that you will keep inside your house. I don't feel like it seals well enough for out in the garage. I had the bigger version of this as well and keep clothes in it in our garage and I found that dust and dirt would sneak into the container. I did have a container crack and chip as well. It is pretty sturdy, but I find other bins sturdier. It also doesn't seem to stack well with other bins. You would have to have a bunch of the same container. The hinges open and shut well and it really isn't too bad. If this was for inside my house only I would use it again. I would rather buy other products though with a basic lid that snaps on. It is also nice to see into the container, but other bins have that feature as well. These are good, but not great.



Not the sturdiest boxes in the world


I have bought Sterilite and other brands of plastic storage boxes in all variety or shapes and sizes, and by far my least favorite has been the Sterilite Seven Quart Hinged Lid Storage Boxes. Although I do like the fact that the box is transparent and allows you to view what is inside, I don't like the overall durability of this box. Sterilite plastic in general seems to be more brittle and less forgiving than other plastic storage boxes. This seems to especially come into play with larger boxes such as these. I've dropped them and had them crack right down the middle. I also loath the lid system on these. They seemed like a good idea at first. You won't ever misplace the lid. Even though they pieces kind of "snap" together, these boxes are far from being securely sealed and critters (bugs) can find their way into your things with no problem. I would bite the bullet and buy the other more expensive boxes. They'll last you longer.

Springfield, MO


Sterilite Hinged Lid Storage Boxes - an organizer's dream!


I'm an absolute organizing maniac.  I love having a place for everything (and everything in its place).  That's probably why I ended up in Accounting -- same mindset. The Sterilite Hinged Lid Storage Boxes solved an organizing problem for me.  I take quite a few prescriptions, vitamins and supplements; and once a week I have to fill my pill reminder.  Obviously I can't juggle a dozen bottles so I went out looking for a solution.  The 7 Qt. Box (13-1/4" wide x 6-1/4" high x 8" deep) was just the right size.  When I'm done filling my pill reminder for the week, the box stores easily in my pantry. My other problem was solved by the 3 Qt. Box (10-1/8" wide x 5-5/8" high x 6-1/4" deep).  That gave me a container to put next to my recliner.  In it I have my medications that I use "as needed", my prescription eye drops, and some sugarless gum. The organizing possibilities for these boxes are endless.  Sewing items, crafts, nuts and bolts, small tools, office supplies, school supplies, crayons...they are extremely versatile.  What I especially like about the boxes is the hinged lid.  You just open up the box; and the lid drops to the side.  When you're done, just flip it back.  The boxes are clear, so if you have several on a shelf, you can easily see what's inside. I'm sure you'll think of dozens of uses yourself.   

Madison, OH


Sterilite 3 Qt. & 7 Qt. Hinged Lid Storage Boxes

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