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Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit 0193

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I use the Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit in my son's room as a dresser!


When my eldest son was a baby, we didn't have room for a nice dresser, so we went to the store and came home with this Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit. It was inexpensive, sturdy and just the right size. Although **Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit 0193** comes with wheels, we never attached them. Since it was bought to be a dresser, we wanted it to be permanently stationary. Even though this "dresser" looks cheap, it has really turned out to be beneficial because we now have two boys in the house and this thing can take all the hits, scratches and crashes without even showing a dent like a wooden dresser would. This is actually perfect for kids! There's no sliding mechanism for the drawers, so they just pull out and push back in from the weight or pull that you give them. They're not difficult to use at all and they hold a decent amount of stuff. The son we bought this for has too many clothes for it, so right now it's filled with his brother's baby clothes. Since this drawer unit is plastic, there are a multitude of things we could use it for when the baby grows out of it. We could use it in the office or even a backyard or garage. It's sturdy and well worth whatever we paid for it. I'm really glad we bought the **Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit 0193**. It has really come in handy being a durable dresser in a rough kid's room and it will still come in handy when it is no longer used as a dresser.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Sterilite 3 Drawer Unit 0193

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