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Step 2
Step 2 Sweetheart Playhouse


Charming gingerbread-style cottage for loads of imaginative play. Features a heart shaped flower pot, full-sized door, working shutters, and decorative roof with skylight. Clock with movable hands, convertible range top that flips over to become a pretend bbq grill with clicking knobs. Electronic doorbell with realistic chime. Durable poly construction.

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Details details details!


The step 2 sweetheart playhouse is THE playhouse to buy. No details was overlooked when they made this pretty home. With a gorgeous purple roof and beautiful faux siding.... it's sure to win over any child. It has a functioning doorbell so that when guests arrive they can announce themselves. There's a telephone included, which of course makes all kinds of wonderful telephone sounds. Children in the mood to cook will be delighted to find a toy range inside compete with working knobs. What child doesn't dream of cooking their own meals for friends? For children I'm pre kindergarten or kindergarten there is a play clock inside with posable hands. What a great opportunity to teach little ones how to tell time! The gorgeous shutters are also fully functional. Giving little ones an opportunity to batten down the hatches when done playing for the day. No detail was overlooked when they made this tiny home. It may not look extravagant, but it is! Just look at all the detail they've included outside! We bought a small table and chair set for kids that we put inside for the kids to sit at. They really truly enjoyed that. It has held up phenomenally to the weather, showing little to no sun damage, or rain damage. If I could rate this at higher stars than five I would. It's not super heavy but it's size does make it awkward to move. My children can't move it all over by themselves which is a huge plus for me.

Richmondville, ny


Step 2 Sweetheart Playhouse is Perfect for Little Girls


My husband and I are big fans of the Step 2 brand and their products. We have many of their child friendly things throughout our home. However, our two little girls absolutely love their Step 2 Sweetheart Playhouse the best. This playhouse is very sweet! It has a classic house design like the one I played in as a little girl. My favorite feature on this playhouse is the full sized operational door. I think it helps create the grown up make believe feeling my daughters get when they play. The best part about it is the doorbell that actually chimes!! Another awesome feature if the planter box built onto the side of the house. I love placing different flowers in the planter and have used both real and silk flowers. The inside of the playhouse is the perfect size for little ones. With a phone on the wall, bbq grill counter and skylight, what's not to love! As basic as this playhouse is, I absolutely adore watching their little faces pop in and out from the window shutters. There is definitely still a lot of fun to be had and I would recommend this Step 2 Sweetheart Playhouse for any little girl.

Nampa, ID


Home Sweet Home


I could not wait to get my hands on a playhouse for my daughter. I purchased this little sweetheart playhouse for her for her second birthday. Cost was surprisingly affordable. The assembly was very easy and straightforward taking only about an hour total. My daughter is very small for her age so this house feels huge to her but even for an average size kid this house is very spacious featuring a maximum height of about five feet at it tallest point. It has a functioning doorbell and toy phone with sounds. The door and shutters are all operational as well. There is also a play clock with movable hands to change the time and a flip open "grill" top with clicking knobs. My daughter has spent hours upon hours in this house. We keep it outside on our backyard patio and it has fared through the weather great for over six months; rain, sun and snow. The house is heavy enough that she can not move it on her own but I can move it if I need to, although the size makes it awkward for one person to move.



Step 2 Sweetheart Playhouse

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