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Step 2
Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center


All-in-one activity center will be the hit of the neighborhood. Activity wall includes hook and loop ball target, ring toss, and crawl thru rotating door. Four foot long slide Snack table with built-in counter top and two seats. Interior fun house mirror. Dutch door & doggy door. Includes 2 balls and 4 rings. Durable poly construction

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Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center is perfect for the grandkids!


My husband and I purchased the Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center with our siblings. We wanted a fun, outside play toy for all of our kids to enjoy at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This outdoor play center has something for every child to enjoy! It appeals to both the boys and girls in our family. Unlike a lot of outdoor playhouses, it is not gender specified whatsoever. The youngest little one in our family that plays on the Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center is 18 months old and the oldest is 10 years old. This activity center features a built in mini picnic table, activity wall and a couple of different entrances! It also has a little slide that the kids adore. In the future, we can dissemble the slide when the kids outgrow its size and it would create another climbing platform. The Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center can be used both indoors and outside, depending on your preference. It is very sturdy and weather resistant. I would recommend this play center to anyone with younger kids or for grandma and grandpa's house!


Nampa, ID


Gives way for your child to have an amazing imagination .


I would highly recommend this playhouse it has loads of activity possibilities - opens up the imagination of the neighborhood. Has reality points so not just your child but his or her friends may jump right in and feel the satisfaction of being involved.


Downsville, LA


So many activities packed into one small fun center!


Step 2 had already been one of my top five favorite toy and playset brands. After purchasing the Neighborhood Fun Center, Step 2 became my number one favorite brand/product! I was already aware of how many features and how much activity packed fun was to come in this outdoor play set but I really felt like this was one of those items that I really had to see to believe how awesome it really was. With that being said, Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center did not disappoint! Easy to assemble, sturdy, colorful and inventive are just a few of the words and qualities that help sum up this awesome play set. "Neighborhood Fun Center is the best name Step 2 could have came up with for this set because it really combines all of these things. Literally, the neighborhood kids are lined up outside of this play set, along with my two year old son. There are multiple play centers throughout the set that combine independent/individual play with multiple/teamwork activities. The crawl throughs and fun house mirrors are great for a single child to enjoy, while the snack table with the counter tops and two chairs is perfect for group activity play. This set was a bit pricey but worth every single penny and with the durable construction/material of the set, I am confident in my purchase in that it will upstand rain and other weather elements along with rough play and stay standing and be tons of fun for years to come!




Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center

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