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Step 2
Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber


The All-In-One Sport Climber Lets Children Explore Their Athletic Side With Activities From Their Favorite Sports.

The top-rated, award-winning All Star Sports Climber lets your little ones explore the fun of sport safely in a play set designed to keep them active with features drawn from the world of sport, including basketball, soccer and football. Whether shooting hoops, climbing the rock wall or just zipping down the built-in slide, your children will enjoy hours of play with the durable poly-constructed climber.

The All-in-One Sport Climber comes with a junior-sized basketball, football and soccer ball. The play set helps your little ones develop hand-and-eye coordination and manual dexterity. They’ll learn how to shoot hoops and toss a ball through a target. Built-in scoreboards let the kids keep track of their progress themselves. A molded-plastic rock wall invites children to scale new heights of adventure safely and easily.

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Still Gets Lots of Use Daily


My husband and I picked this toy up for our youngest daughters third birthday. That was over a year ago and, weather permiting, she plays on this slide center daily. Our seven year old also loves to slide and climb on this center as well. They don't use the goal with a basketball and never really have. This toy is very durable and all three of our children have stood on top and pretended it was a pirate ship with no problems at all. We love the way the steps are curved kind of like a climbing wall to make it easy for little ones to navigate easily. The plastic did fade in the sun but that was to be expected. I would definitely recommend this slide to family and friends.

Odessa, TX


Cute but too small for the price


I bought this last summer to put in our smaller sized back yard for my two year old. I loved that it had so many different uses packed into one piece of equipment. I also love Step 2 brand and I trust it for safety reasons and it's durability along with easy assembling. The price was decent until I got it home and assembled and then realized how very small and compact it was. Yes it has different and fun play stations but it's so small that my son got bored with it pretty fast so now I wish I would have spent a little more on something bigger. I think this would be a little better for a one year old but still, it needs to be made bigger no matter what the age in my opinion. Not my best experience with Step 2. I don't recommend this toy but my son still plays with it every once in a great while so I will leave it up until he no longer pays it any mind.

Dallastown, PA


One of the best toy purchases we've ever made.


We got the Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber solely for indoor use for several one to three year olds. For that purpose it works beautifuly. It's pretty sturdy and very stable, which was a serious concern because the area where we keep it is carpeted and obviously there's no way to stake it down to anchor it like would be an option with outside use. It's a little on the small side compared to other similar play structures but that was actually a positive selling point in our situation since we had intended it for indoor use from the get-go. Next to a full-size play structure, obviously the All-Star wouldn't stand out. But as a playground inside the house, kids see it as some kind of dream-like anomaly. The steps are very easy to maneuver, even for the smallest 18-month-old and the slide is just the right size to be fun but still minimize the chances of massive head injury when the kiddos get a little crazy. They love dragging toys underneath it too, like a little playhouse. The basketball hoop is rarely touched with our kids except to hold various stuffed animals and baby dolls, an act we've come to jokingly refer to as the "ceremony of sacrifice to the Sports Climber". Those poor sacrificial teddy bears can be left in the hoop for several days sometimes. It really is one of the best toy purchases we've ever made though. We've spent more on other playthings that were never touched again after the initial thrill. The kids keep coming back to this thing though. And when their friends visit for the first time and see the "indoor playground", our own kids' excitement for it is renewed again. So yeah, the All Star Sports Climber is one of the few large kid purchases we haven't eventually regretted.



Hours of Fun


The Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber has been an absolute favorite for both of my sons. One is quite athletic and the other is really into climbing, so it has the best of both worlds for them. It comes with an inflatable soccer ball, football and basketball, and there are corresponding activities for each ball. My youngest loves anything that has to do with balls, so the basketball goal and other shaped spaces for the football are great for him. Meanwhile, big brother loves to climb the ladder and race down the slide. It's also kind of like a fort for them. Whenever we have their little friends over on a nice day, the kids disappear to the backyard. During the cold winter months, we brought it inside to our playroom. I recommend it for outdoors, but it was fine inside for a short period. It promotes the development of gross motor skills while encouraging social interactions and skills such as sharing and taking turns. We all love it!

Dallas, TX


Good time fun


Can be use to play basketball, throw the football and to climb and slide. Great for young children

Nanuet, NY


Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber

4.2 5