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Steel Series SteelKeys 6G Keyboard (20071)

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king of the keyboards..


SteelKeys 6G is a professional gaming keyboard, designed and created exclusively for hardcore gamers. It's incredibly responsive thanks to gold plated connectors (18K gold), it's strong and solid thanks to a hard thermoplastic casing and all keys are face plate mounted to a solid metal surface. I dont' do a whole lot of gaming personally, if I do, I do it on the wireless controllers. SteelKeys 6G uses a specially designed buffer system designed especially for PS/2 - up to 8 different keys can be used simultaneously. It does comes with the PS/2 to USB adapter which is nice. The keyboard sports cherry black switch which touted to endure a life cycle of up to 60 million keystrokes and all connectors are gold plated with 18K gold to ensure low latency. The keyboard is somewhat loud but extremely comfortable to type agaist with. I would describe the feeling sort of like 'bouncing your fingers on the keyboard'. You pay the price for being the top of the top, it has full of accessories, it includes extra key-sets and an extra travel carrying pouch. The blue indication light seems to be too bright in the dark, kind of annoying when you leave your computer on and you go to bed as is.

Houston, TX


Steel Series SteelKeys 6G Keyboard (20071)

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