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Steel Series Siberia Headphones

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SteelSeries Headset


The SteelSeries Headset is obviously a gaming headset and should be considered by those who take gaming seriously or want to take their gaming to a whole new level. The sound on the headsets are magnificent compared to others for the same price. Because these are specifically gaming headphones, the sound is unmatched to those that are overpriced for bass sound or whatever. When you look for gaming headphones you should make sure to check its sound frequency and make sure that you can get the highest of them all and at the cheapest price. Of course added onto that you want something that is sturdy and will last years, and the SteelSeries headset is definitely going under that category. It's cheap, sturdy, built for gaming and will not disappoint. Like mentioned before make sure that you give these headsets a try if you're indeed serious about gaming or want to go to a whole new level of gaming because these will definitely give you that feeling and power in your gameplay. 


Falls Church, VA


SteelSeries Siberia V1 Review- Verry Durable headphones


This product is extremly Durable, it has suffered many falls, the cord its self has been abused and it is still very durable! The cord is pretty awesome because it comes with a  extender that makes people who have their sound card in the back and do not have a front panel audio port easier and more flexible. The sound quality is pretty amazing on these, although they are not really meant for music, playing counter strike source, i can hear enemy's sneaking up on me. One bad thing about this is, you need a pretty good sound card if you own the V1's, if you own the V2's its a usb connection, and you also get a microphone. The headset is very comfortable, the automatic strap adjusts to your head and it fits perfectly with out you having to ajust the bands manually, the big earmuf size is awesome for those whom have discomfort after wearing earphones after long periods of time, I wear these 7 hours a day, and these do not hurt me one bit.


Sugar Land, TX


Steel Series Siberia Headphones

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