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Stearns & Foster
Stearns & Foster  Kenleigh Mattress

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It wears quickly.


It is not designed to flip. I rotated regularly but still have small valleys where we sleep. Comfort The mattresses is very comfy. We wake up without aches and pains. Support The support was great in the beginning. After a few months it started sagging where we lay. Firmness The firmness was just right. Not too firm but not too soft. Durability After a few months we have some sagging despite rotating.

Hiram, GA


This mattress will last forever! Great comfort!


I LOVE MY STERNS AND FOSTER MATTRESS!  This mattress is very comfortable but make sure you don't sleep in one place only or you'll notice that the mattress starts to conform to your body only in that one spot.  Also since the mattress is so heavy make sure to buy the right size sheet pocket.  This particular mattress has a 16" pocket.  I've tried 16 and 18 inch but sheets shrink.  I now buy 22" and have no trouble putting them on.  Leaves enough room for shrinkage.  If you're short you'll need a step to get on top!

Palm Springs, CA


Stearns & Foster Kenleigh Mattress

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