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Steamfast Stick Vacuum

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An easy way to get my floors clean


I live in a 90-year-old apartment, and the tiles on my kitchen floor might be almost as old! They'll never be glistening white again, but this mop helps me maintain as bright a floor as I can hope for. It's very easy to use - a handy small measuring cup comes with the product, with markings to help you decide how much to fill up the mop, and a nice pointed spout for easy pouring. The steam mop comes with two pads that velcro to the bottom of the mop - this is what comes into contact with your floor, so fortunately, they can be tossed in the wash to be easily cleaned, and since you get two, you can rotate between them. You also get a pad to rest the mop on while it's warming up, so the moisture doesn't damage your floor. The mop heats up quickly (60 seconds or so), and a light lets you know when it's ready for use. Gliding it across the floor not only picks up dust and scraps, but also helps scrub the dirt out of the floor. Great, easy clean!


Berkeley, CA


Just steam that dirt away!


I hate dragging out the mop and bucket of water every time I need to wash my floors.  I also have animals so I am always concerned about the effect of chemicals that I use to clean the floor.  That is why I decided to try the Steam Fast SF140 steam mop.  It was very reasonably priced and on other sites it had gotten decent reviews.  I must say I am very happy with my steam mop.  It does a nice job cleaning my laminate floors.  The mop was easy to put together and easy to operate.  It comes with two microfiber clothers--you can also order more of the microfiber clothes online or buy in stores.  It cleans a fairly decent size area before you need to refill.  I would have liked a longer cord, but the cord length is adequate for most of the rooms in my house.  The construction is okay--not the highest of quality but a good value for the money.  I have friends that have bought other steam mops that were double the price of the SteamFast SF140 and they were very disappointed.  I would recommend this mop--it makes cleaning floors a breeze! 


Hope Valley, RI


The SteamFast SF140 gets the job done


I have mostly tile floors for the entire first story of my house, and the traditional mop and bucket is ineffective, time consuming, and quite a hassle. In my search for a steam mop I was looking for something cheap and easy to use. I found it with the Steam Fast SF140. Assembly was a breeze, and setup consists of attaching the cloth pad, filling it with water, plugging it in, and turning it on. Within minutes it is ready and the chemical-free cleaning can begin.   The first time I used it I decided to attempt the most difficult area to clean right away... the area around the dogs bowls. To my amazement, grime that I could not scrub away with the harshest of methods disappeared from the surface of the tile. I cleaned an area about the size of one square yard for about 2 minutes in order to sanitize the area, as per the instructions. The only problem, though not unexpected, was the inability to clean the deeper grout areas. Bathrooms benefited greatly. I had not realized just how dirty the floors were until I steamed them clean, they now look brand new. It is a bit difficult to maneuver the mop around tight areas, such as around the toilet, but with a little extra effort it can be done. The water reservoir is rather small, so plan on refilling several times for each room... and this requires waiting for the unit to cool before removing the cap to fill it. Also, it may not reach the high temperatures as some of the more expensive models, but it seems more that adequate for household use and the lower temps remove lessen the possibility of damaging the flooring with user error.  


Garland, TX


Not messy, heats up quick, no chemicals


I recently purchased this after reading many many reviews on this and I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase.  This mop is easy to use, its not at all messy, and best of all no chemicals!  All you do is add some water, turn it on, let it warm up for a minute or two and you are ready to go!  The suction with this mop is incredible.  You can feel the pressure as you are pushing it and know that it is working to get your floors clean.  The microfiber pads do a great job at cleaning and also picking up anything left on your floor that you may have missed with the broom and dust pan.  I rated this 4 out of 5 stars and let me tell you why.  This thing is kind of hard to push!  I think that is only because it is really cleaning and sucking everything up off of your floor.  If you are weak, or not to strong this can be a bit tricky and I wouldnt recommened letting younger children use this because of that reason.


Port Huron, MI


cleans without chemicals


I'm very happy with this product, and much more because it has a very affordable price. I'm a third time grandparent, in this occasion it's a beautiful girl. Ask any grandpa for the care they give to those little angels. Well, I bought this steam mop just to use it around the space where the play yard, and the little angle is when we take care of her. It's a way of cleaning, sanitizing and deodorize without chemicals. Everyone in my family says it's a great idea and I just love the way this "steamfast" works. You got to be careful, because it gets really hot, but that's what makes it so effective. If you are trying to be greener, if you are worried about chemicals effects on your family, this is a great product to begin doing things on the correct direction. It's a way to care for your family's health and care for the ambient health. It has an affordable price, it's very easy to use and it's a great way to take care of your love ones. What else do you need?  I wouldn't take the chance that this product would begin raising its price.


Carolina, PR


Steamfast Stick Vacuum

4.2 5