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Steam Fast
Steam Fast Iron with Auto Shut-off

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I Can't Believe HOW Easy The SteamFast 680 IS!!!!


My Husband wears nothing but Business-Like shirts. Even on the weekends. So, I was spending an entire day once a week ironing shirts. I bought the SteamFast 680 and the base that goes with it from Amazon. (Free Shipping! Yeah!) I had read the reviews before buying it. There were alot of positive reviews. I still couldn't believe How EASY it was! I am 4'11" so sitting while doing this was perfect for me. The first shirt I did I yelled upstairs to my husband, "Come Look!" Now I only iron shirts once ever two weeks! The other plus is...I don't need to startch his shirts, so the shirts are soft yet look starched or dry cleaned. I even use it for t-shirts. Somehow it makes them look newer. I can't explain it. I spray the clothes with distilled water. There is a place to add water in a little "cup" but I find it works better to spray it then close the SteamFast 680 up. It makes a buzzing noise when it's done. The only downside to the SteamFast 680 is picking it up and moving it. I plan on finding a permanent place for it so I won't need to move it out of the livingroom when I'm done.

Tucson, AZ


Steam Fast Iron with Auto Shut-off

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