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Mr. Coffee
Steam Espresso Machine

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ILove to coffee


Did ILove to coffee

Los Angeles


Awesome Cappuccino!!


The Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker I think was really awesome. When I first got it I really didn't know what I was doing, but after reading the instructions I sort of got a general idea how it worked. This espresso machine has a really good measuring glass pot. It also has a streamer along the side of the esspresso machine. What It Does and Includes:  -Makes Gourmet Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, and Latte -Has a powerful milk frother -Has a removeable drip tray This epresso machine can brew espresso coffee by simply filling the carafe with water and filling the filter holder with ground coffee. It also steams and frothes milk perfectly. The milk heats up to just the right temperature to make the perfect-tasting cappuccino and lattes. I really love cappuccino so this machine was both inexpensive and satisfied my taste for cappuccino. I have had this machine for a while and it still works great. I love my Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine.

Gramercy, LA


Steam Espresso Machine

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