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Stayfree Maxi Pads Regular, Heavy Protection 24 / Pack, 8 Ea

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Excellent absorbent pad for a low price.


I have used these pads for a couple years now and refuse to wear anything else. Although they are "thick" pads, they don't feel lumpy at all and conform well to your body when wearing them. The absorbency is amazing. These pads have "gel" inside them that keeps absorbing even on my heaviest day. I use the ones with wings, but also have tried the wingless variety and both work well without any leaks. Overall, this product stays dry for hours and doesn't develop an odor like other brands do. The low price makes these pads even better.


Scottsdale, AZ


Stayfree Regular Heavy Protection Maxi Pads, The Best I've Used


I can honestly say that for a product that is bought signaling one of the worst times of the month for a female I really like these. They are priced well and can be caught really cheap when a coupon is paired with a sale. They are absorbent and I've never had more than a small leak here and there with them. With or without wings these pads really do work and they are usually the only brand I buy. I suffer from heavy periods and so I usually have to use a tampon and a pad. These work well on their own or as back up. They are like I said super absorbent and I tend to spend much of my time in college classrooms for long periods leaving me little time to change a pad. So all in all the way they are priced and their ease of use would definitely have me recommend these to anyone looking for a new brand who suffers from heavy periods, likes something low priced, who maybe doesn't have the opportunity to run to the bathroom every few minutes and who is looking for a dependable brand.


Saint Petersburg, FL


Stayfree is one of the best


I have used these for many years. They are one of the only brands I will grab off the shelf when shopping for these products. They last longer then other brands. I always feel protected in them. They are made to feel absorbent and I like them because they don't have wings,I have never liked wings on them. They don't leak and I can usually sleep in them overnight with no trouble. They hold a lot. They don't tear or break apart like some of these others on the market they last and do the job. I honestly can say I really have no negative feedback on these. Like I said it's the only brand i will use and you can get them for a good price usually around 3 bucks at walmart and that is a good buy cause you know how expensive these can get. It is a brand that I trust when it comes to pads and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a good wearing absorbent pad to feel comfortable in. I always buy this brand.


High Point, NC


Stayfree Maxi, good protection, minus the wings


I used a coupon a few months ago with a buy one get one free on the Stayfree maxi pads.  So I got my 2 packages and felt set to go and saving money! :)  I was not disappointed!  These did a fine job of helping to protect when I had normal and heavy days in addition to a tampax tampon.  They stuck on well and stayed.  They were plenty absorbant and I didn't have any problems.  However, I do wish I would have purchased the ones with wings to give just that "extra" amount of protection.  They length was fine and it seemed to keep the moisture away from my skin---although in comparison with Always brand, it might not be quite as good! (I was just trying to save money with the coupon I mentioned).  I was pleased with their use and I don't believe they were scented either, which was nice as I do not like scented feminine products.   I have another coupon from the paper again and I'll save some more money this month and purchase another 2 for 1.


Provo, UT


As it says "Stayfree"


As its product describes, this product is well functioned on its anti-leak channels.  It gives me comfortable and good feeling compares to other product which made mainly from plastic instead of cotton fiber.  Although there is no wings with it, I like it so far.  When other brands's pads mainly made from plastic, they would have badly smell after awhile, but this product simply give me fresh touch in my experience.  If you buy this product "Stayfree" Maxi, I would recommand you to get the one with wings.  It would be perfect with wings during your period.


Manassas, VA


Stayfree Maxi Pads Regular, Heavy Protection 24 / Pack, 8 Ea

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