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State Farm
State Farm Bank

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I applied for a car refinance loan that was approved pending my signature, and then made a point to read all of the "fine print" prior to my potentially signing only to find several things in their loan contract that I absolutely did not agree to or with so I did not sign or use that means of refinance after all. My own regular bank turned out to have a slightly better deal anyway! Customer Service I was not actually given much of any kind of real access to any overall Company Customer Service from the beginning of my experience in considering them as a sure option. Types/Options Beware to absolutely read every single word of their fine print before signing anything with them! It's already dangerous enough to provide them ( or anyone) with your personal sensitive information. They apparently keep on sharing such information even after you no longer have any type of account with them. They are not bound by all federal banking regulations, and not FDIC insured either as I understand the information I had.


Inman, SC


Easy, and one-stop shop


Ease of online transactions, ATM fee repay, online access and easily ties to other money management software. The only thing that would give it a 100% would be some way to make cash deposits. Other than that, online bill pay, and especially MyTime Deposit (deposit check from the phone) make it a snap. The best part is the ability to have all of your finances in one place, with good rates, and ease of access.




Ste Farm Ins.


We have never had a bad experience with State Farm. Our agent is fast, friendly and efficient. Their claims service is also fast, and they work with only the most reputable repair shops. Customer Service Our agent is great. They handle everything with efficiency and care. They contact us when our policies are expiring and update us with all kinds of information on a regular basis. Types/Options We always know when and how things change with the company.




State Farm Bank

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