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Starkist Gourmet Choice Yellowfin in Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/Lemon Dill

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Starkist Yellowfin tuna makes the best tuna salad


I stumbled upon this yellow fin tuna made by Starkist a year or so ago and decided to try it over some salad greens...YUM! No need for any other dressing, just the olive oil, lemon and dill that the tuna is packed in. Makes a quick, easy and healthy lunch.

Fredericksburg, VA


Above and beyond just 'regular' tuna!


Now I am a tuna snob, and take it from me, If I say it's good... it's good! At first when I saw it I was skeptical. I only buy the albacore type in the sealed tight bags. When I saw the can and it said 'gourmet' I figured I'd give it a shot. It turns out I absolutely love this line of tuna. The taste is of good quality and it has a rich flavor. It's not stringy or discoloured and I've yet to find a bone! (and I bought and enjoyed 10 cans worth in the last month) Yellowfin lemon dill is my favorite! (I tried roasted garlic but didn't like it as much) I say way to go Starkist! Finally tuna with good taste guaranteed.

Orlando, FL


The best tuna I've had in a long time.


I **love **tuna, and could eat it every day.  I prefer it in oil, but sometimes have resorted to buying it in water because it is chunkier.  However, the tuna in water is too dry for my taste.  I have tried different brands - inexpensive and expensive, but lately no brand seems to satisfy my taste.My son brought home your gourmet yellowfin tuna with dill and lemon.  Sounded interesting, so tried it for lunch.  Didn't mix it with anything, just put a little mayo on the toast, and it was **outstanding**.  Best I've had in a long, long time.He bought it at a Lucky store in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since I had never seen it in a market before,  I hope we're not just a test market.

Hayward, CA


Starkist Gourmet Choice Yellowfin in Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/Lemon Dill

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