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Starbucks Reduced-Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake

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Starbucks Reduced Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake is a must try! I am a huge dessert fan, and I love coffee cake. However, I like to eat fairly healthy when I can. When I saw that Starbucks had this, I had to have it! It has an authentic coffee cake flavor and texture! The blueberries also taste very fresh and are quite delicious. The best part is that it's low-fat. However, it's super expensive so it's definitely a treat!






It's yummy and unicorns are going to riot and storm starbucks for it; thats how good it is! It's very very very yummy - however, it is very expensive. So when you take a trip to Starbucks, be sure to bring extra money! But overall, this product is definatly worth it! this is how i would describe it: The Starbucks "Reduced-Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake" is a 'tasty pastry' that you can buy at your local Starbucks store. Lots of people agree that the cake is a yummy treat. This is what one person described this product as: "Yummy in My Tummy". This product is a Blueberry filled cake with a layer of fine sugar to top it off. Most people enjoy the cake, however some do not. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the product. First, a good thing about the cake is that it is incredibly yummy. One person in another review says, "I am absolutely in love with blueberry coffee cake. It has been my obsession since who knows when. I love when I put that fork in that moist, delicious pastry, get a chunk of that cake and stuff it in my mouth, I feel ultimate delightness. If you have not had this tasty pastry then you are totally missing out because it is one of the best things that I have ever put in my mouth." For me, a disadvantage is that it is extremely crumby, whenever I bite into it, loads of crumbs fall onto the floor, which can get very annoying. Secondly, it is awfully expensive, it is not a treat you can just go and eat like pig. Also, it is exceptionally had to find in Starbucks stores; you literally have to travel around the country to find one! Overall this product is a Good and yummy product, even though it is very costly, crumby and hard to find it is a great buy and if you happen to see one in a Starbucks store - buy it and eat it with delight!


Golden, CO


Awesome for a Reduced Fat item


I travel a lot and when I do, I like to get to a Starbucks to have breakfast. I usually get the english muffin brakfast sandwich with turkey bacon. However, the last time I was there I decided to try the Blueberry Coffee Cake. The moistness and the taste are unbelievable. It makes you question if it's really reduced fat. The taste is awesome and it just melts in your mouth with the hot coffee. I bought my husband a piece and took it too him. He too liked the taste and could not believe that it e=was reduced fat. It has kind of a lemony twang to it and it can be messy if you eat it too fast in the car, so you'll want to make sure you have plenty of napkins when you get ready to eat it. Also the portion was nice and big too!


Perry, FL


Yummy in my Tummy


I am absolutely in love with blueberry coffee cake. it has been my obsession since who knows when. I love when I put that fork in that moist, delicious pastry, get a chunk of that cake and stuff it in my mouth, i feel ultimate delightness. if you have not had this tasty pastry then you are totally missing out because it is one of the best thing that i have ever put in my mouth. if you dont belive me, prove me wrong. go out to Starbucks right now and order the blueberry coffee cake and eat it. if you dont like it...my falut...but if you do TOLD YOU SO!!(: i mean who wouldnt want a pastry that is moist, flavorful, delicious, storng and low in fat? though it might be sort of hard to find in Starbucks stores, it will be the best thing you have ever tasted. So just get off your seat if you are craving something tasty, or basically looking for something to chew on and go by this awesome treat. I promise you, you wont regret it.


Carrollton, TX


A great flavor for low fat blueberry coffee cake


I was surprised that the Starbucks Reduced0fat (notice they didn't say low-fat) blueberry coffee cake still hold moisture and flavor like that of the regular coffee cakes. The bread sticks to itself, making it easy to gather up the crumbs that may have fallen onto the wrapper during the enjoyment of eating such a flavorful dessert. I  guess you could eat it for breakfast, but it is great as a snack anytime throughout the day. And while you could take that additional healthy step and drink water with it, might I recommend a lovely coffee to accentuate the nutty, vanilla flavors hidden within this pastry. Those of you who are healthy conscious will never go back to the regular coffee cake because there simply isn't a need to. All of the flavors of berry, sugar, and rich cinnamon remain in this cake. Starbucks scores equally high with me on their reduced fat banana chocolate chip bread and their reduced fat cinnamon coffee cake breads as well.


Pueblo, CO


Starbucks Reduced-Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake

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