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Starbucks Cream Liqueur

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Great on the rocks or in your coffee


The Starbucks Cream Liqueur is a smooth adult beverage with a low alcohol content. It makes a tasty dessert on the rocks. It also tastes great in coffee, helping as a pick me up before you hit the town for the night. I am sure even people who do not like coffee would like the taste of this. I could not really drink more than one or two servings in one sitting. It is a rare alcohol outside of beer or wine that you can actually sip and enjoy.




delicious, nice texture and taste


This drink is excellent.  It is smooth and creamy and has a nice rich taste.  Also good for making chocolate martinis.  Price is average for this type of liquor.   I like it as an after dinner drink and enjoy serving it for guests. 


Schenectady, NY


Smooth and refreshing with the strong flavor of Starbucks!


Delicious and refreshing.  I love to mix it up with some chocolate and ice cubes with a splash or two of milk.  YUMMY!!  I love the attractive design of the bottle.  I collect unique bottles and this is one of them.  The colors of the bottle ad to the nostalgic look and taste of STarbucks Coffee.  Its easy to drink and the smell of the liquor is absolutely divine.  its excellent of ice cream and very to extremely versatile.  Great alcoholic flavor, beats the competition everytime.


Chicago, IL


Better Than Baileys, at the same cost"


The Starbucks cream liquor goes wonderfully with any starbucks coffee, and adds a wonderful twist to any generic french vanilla cappucino. It mixes easily as a cream substitute and does not overpower or take away from the taste of the espresso. I strongly suggest this as an alternitive to Baileys or other liquers. Try it in milk for a lighter easier drink.


Washingtonville, NY


The way Starbucks wakes me up!


The first time I tried this liqueur I was working a slow day shift at a little pub around the corner from my house. It had been sitting in the cooler since i started that job and I had to see why it wasn't selling. Come to find out it was amazing I have no qualms with this spirit! After i tasted it and decided it was being overlooked i got nearly 20 people hooked with some promo shot i made up using the liqueur. Needless to say it may be pricy but its worth it!


Houston, TX


My only "on the rocks" drink of choice.


I am not a coffee drinker, so Starbucks was not some where you would ever find me. We received a bottle of this for a gift, and thought, " Yuck, coffee flavored." Was I ever wrong. I have given it to friends who love to put in in coffee. I drink it on the rocks. With it having only 15% alcohol by volume, I believe it to be the perfect drink to sip on, without a hangover the next day. The only problems I have with this product is trying to find it. I only know of one store I can buy it at, and the bottle seems to empty quickly!


Colfax, IL


Starbucks Cream Liqueur

4.7 6