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Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini

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Good... So Good


I never knew Starbucks sold sandwiches..... And they are really good. I had the Chicken Santa Fe Panini for the first time a few days ago and it was mind blowing. I love mainly the fajita vegetables. It's a healthy choice for it to be considered "fast food". Starbucks is officially good for everything now in my opinion.




High in sodium, but eating it is like hearing a rhapsody!


Thank God, I only drop into a Starbucks store once or twice a month because I admit to going a little crazy when it comes to the refreshing snacks and salads line-up they usually have, even on weekends.  All Starbucks sandwiches seem to be a tad high in sodium but some of them are so good that it's almost worth it to just cut back on sodium intake for the rest of the day, just to enjoy something like the ***Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini***. **WHAT THIS IS** The ***Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini ***is a substantial meal in itself made up of a natural chicken breast along with sour cream green chili spread, bell pepper and pepper jack cheese backed between two oblong pieces of grill-marked flatbread.  This delightful sandwich is meant to be heated up.  I suppose they would do this for at the store but I took mine home to save for later in the day.  **STATS:** Each ***Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini ***is one serving which contains 400 calories with 100 calories from fat.  There are 11 grams Total Fat, 6 grams Saturated Fat, 65 mg. Cholesterol, **900 mg. Sodium **(39% D.V.), 47 grams Total Carbs, 2 grams Dietary Fiber, 2 grams Sugars, and **27 grams Protein **along with an amazing **8% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 25% Vitamin C, 15% Calcium, and 20% Iron**. **TASTE TIP:** ***Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini ***tastes best when warmed 45 seconds on both sides in the microwave.  I'm fussy about panini sandwiches because some of them seem dry and hard to me but I've got to cheer for this one.  I saved mine for supper later on and enjoyed a glass of white wine with it.  The ***Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini ***is what this type of sandwich is meant to be ... very delicately crunchy on the outside and soft, chewy, and flavorable on the inside.  I really can't tell you how good it was.   


Oak Park, IL


Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini

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