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Starbucks Barista Thermal Travel Press by Bodum 1521-16BB

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It was okay when I first boight it,, but after 3 monthshhhh (I use it every day) it started to leak

washington DC


Makes good tea too


I got this as a gift and have been using it for some time now. This travel press is the perfect size to use on the go and very easy to use. If I'm in a rush to get to class and don't have time to make tea or coffee, all I have to do is put in some tea leaves and hot water before I leave. By the time I get to class and am able to sit down and have a drink, I have some hot tea ready. Each time I fill up the thermos with hot water, It makes about two cups of tea, so unless it's a really cold day, I usually don't have to refill the thermos. It's also pretty easy to clean, at the end of the day, all I have to do is empty out the left over tea leaves and rinse it out with hot water and soap. Since I have trouble staying awake in class when it's really early in the morning, I always have to have a cup of tea. Before I got this, I would either use tea bags or pull out the tea pot. Cleaning up was quite a bit of a hassle. However, now I can easily make the tea I like to drink without spending too much time in the mornings.





  I believe the 20 oz Starbucks Barista Thermal Travel Press creates a better cup of coffee than any electric drip coffee maker on the market. Very easy to use; coarsely grind two and one half ounces of fresh coffee beans and place in the bottom of the travel press. Pour water that has just come to a boil into the travel press with enough room to add the press and lid without over flowing. Secure the lid with the plunger handle completely extended. Allow the coffee to steep to your desired strength, usually two to seven minutes. Slowly plunge the handle all the way down so the screen contains the grounds at the bottom of the travel press. Let cool to desired temperature and drink on the go.

Buford, GA


The nectar of the gods


We were given our Starbucks press as a Christmas gift.  No electric coffee maker can make a cup of coffee that tastes like this.  We use Starbucks coffee in the press.  Just add coffee and almost boiling water.  Wait a few minutes and press down slowly on the plunger.  It is so convenient when we are traveling because we just need the press and a bag of coffee.  I also like it because in the morning with just my husband and I we can make just enough for the 2 of us and be on our way.  It is really easy to clean up and you don't have to mess with paper filters and some of the overflow problems you can have with regular coffee makers.  We had always used a regular coffee maker.  A friend told me how much better the coffee in a press was.  I went on a trip with her and she used her press for morning coffee.  I was hooked.  It was at the top of my Christmas list that year.  I would highly recommend it.

Rockledge, FL


Starbucks Barista Thermal Travel Press by Bodum 1521-16BB

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