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StarKist Tuna Salad

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I am a fan of StarKist tuna in general, and I do like to eat tuna salad made from scratch. StarKist Tuna Salad has an acceptable taste, but is not outstanding. The texture is dry, and it lacks a lot of flavor; you mainly taste the tuna, and only the tuna. They need to work on their recipe.



delicious and convenient


Starkist Tuna salad is a great meal when i am on the go. It saves me the time and mess of making my own Yuna salad. And Starkist Tuna salad taste pretty good. This is a handy convenient delicious way to get a quick meal. Starkist Tuna salad is also a good source of protein. i I keep this product on hand for when i am hungry and do not have the time t eat, or am jut too tired toi fix a full meal. I have been eating Starkist Tuna salad for many years. This is a quality product. It has a distinctive flavor an i really good with crackers.

Roanoke, VA


Bland and boring


I was really surprised by all the positive reviews regarding this product. I was expecting so much, but was extremely let down. StarKist tuna salad is bland, tasteless, and just downright boring. As a matter of fact, I had a hard time trying to destinquish this tuna salad from the regular StarKist packaged tuna. Where is the mayo? Where is the spice? Where are the chunky veggies? NOTHING. No crunch what so ever! StarKist usually makes quality products (I love their flavored tuna line), but someone in their test marketing and research administration dropped the ball big time on this one! For you folks who like this product, may I recommend a cup of Ramon Noodles instead of a 5 star spaghetti dinner. You'll salivate.

Owensboro, KY


Easy for a on the go mom


I like this Starkist tuna salad.  It is easy to make for a busy mom like me.  Just grab a pack and go.  I like the ready made Starkist tuna pooches. It has a well balance of taste.  The ingerdents are just right.  Star kist tuna pooches are full of vitamins and my kids love it.  All you need is bread and you are ready to go.  Great for picnics and outings with your family. 

Jeanerette, LA


It would work in great for to go lunch.


This tuna salad is good for a on the go lunch or if you short on time in the morning and need a lunch quick. Just bag your bread and go. The taste not bad, but it's not homemade with a can of StarKist and your add on.  

Pingree, ID


Not my favorite tuna salad, but very good and convenient too!


One of the more intriguing subjects to surface over on the discussion boards this week was "*Tuna Sandwich*" in which the writer wanted to know about our individual preferences for tuna salad.  This odd topic rang a bell as many people have perked up and responded.  Apparently tuna salad is something a lot of us get pretty passionate about.  Alas, it does require a certain amount of work which isn't difficult but may not always be convenient.  For times like that, someone has invented ***StarKist Tuna Salad*** which is "*Sandwich-Ready*" chunk light tuna mixed with other ingredients including water chestnuts, celery, dill pickle relish, onion powder and egg yolks and packed in one of the familiar blue foil pouches.  This is not like the tuna salad I make (which is my favorite, naturally) but it's pretty good and very convenient.  A person could easily take this to work, along with a couple slices of bread, and throw together a fresh sandwich in the office kitchen at lunch time. **STATS:** The contents of the 3 oz. pouch is one serving which contains 100 calories with 30 calories from fat.  There is half a gram Saturated Fat, zero Trans Fat, 2 grams Polyunsaturated Fat, one gram Monounsaturated Fat, 30 mg. Cholesterol, 370 mg. Sodium, 4 grams Total Carbs, one gram each Fiber and Sugars, 13 grams Protein, 2% (D.V.) Calcium and 4% Iron. **TASTE TIP:** For my initial experiment, I enjoyed ***StarKist Tuna Salad*** spread on crackers but it would have made a lovely sandwich too.  Clearly a little mayonnaise has been used to prepare this salad but not too much, so you could dress a sandwich up by spreading a little more mayonnaise on whole grain toast, then packing them together with this prepared tuna salad and perhaps a slice of tomato.  You could also use this as a base for your own salad, adding perhaps a bit of chopped sweet pickle and a dash of lemon juice if you prefer. .  

Oak Park, IL


StarKist Tuna Salad

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