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StaphAseptic - keep it in your first aid kit


Come flu season, teachers like me try to make sure they are keeping their class surfaces bacteria-free. That's great but staying clear of bacteria should be a concern with every paper cut and minor scrape, in the classroom, at work, on the field or in your home.StaphAseptic is a must-have for your medicine chest and first-aid kits to help prevent skin infections caused by bacteria. StaphAseptic is a maximum strength antiseptic, but it's non-irritating and antibiotic free. The lidocaine in StaphAseptic helps end stinging treatments and soothes the pain caused by minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Adding StaphAseptic to a healthy lifestyle is effective in preventing bacterial infections like the ones caused by staph, MRSA and other germs.MRSA by the way is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus - and this is a staph infection that is resistant to common antibiotics and is now appearing at alarming rates in the form of infections! Triple antibiotic wound treatments can't prevent MRSA, but StaphAspetic can skill 99.9% of antibiotic resistant staph. StaphAseptic can't cure MRSA but when you take precautions like keeping your hands clean, not sharing personal items, showering after physical activity and keeping wounds covered, using StaphAseptic can help prevent infections like the ones caused by MRSA.


San Francisco, CA


Nasty infections cause harm


**Impentigo, Staph, MRSA and various other skin conditions can be horrifying to deal with an even dangerous! Did you know that some infections can cause death if not dealt with quickly? I didn't until my daughter who is nine ended up with a severe case of what we believe was impentigo and doing a large amount of research on skin infections.** **Naturally, we were very concerned with her condition and trying to find help both medically and over the counter. The doctor told me to apply anti-fungal cream which only made the infection spread further and deeper into her skin. Her skin infection was not only painful, it was contageous! I worked on laundry, applying creams and bandages, etc. daily. ** **Finally, the doctor had perscribed her antibiotics which did help clear the infection but, some sores still remained. I was introduced to StaphAceptic and started applying the product faithfully with a q-tip. This medication started working quickly and cleared the sores within a couple days. I was very impressed and wish that I had been introduced to this product sooner. I'll never go back to any other products, I had spent a great deal of money on various creams and oinments for this issue and by far, Staphaceptic was the best.**


Pope, MS


It works, amazing product!!


IT WORKS!!! What more needs to be said. IT WORKS. It advertises as being able to stop Staph infections but also applies to Strep and others organisms. Ask the pharmacist what organism you may have for a minor to moderate infection and if this product covers it, it will likely work upon use. I twice had an infected abscessed tooth that had caused my cheek to swell up. The first time I went to the dentist and he gave me a prescription for Clindamycin which has broad spectrum coverage of Staph, Strep, etc.I took the Clinda- mycin and the infection was gone in two days. Two months later I got the same tooth abscess and tried StaphAseptic by applying it onto my cheek, gums, and chipped tooth area. The infection went away in 2 days. The active ingredient is benzethonium chloride which is a synthetic form of one ingredient in grapefood seed extract. It has been approved in a monograph by the FDA in up to 0.2% solution. IT WORKS. SPECTACULAR!


Marion, IA


Helps prevent MRSA infections in minor cuts, scrapes and burns


Anyone who has a child that plays sports knows that we moms get together and talk about everything from what we did last weekend to our latest concerns about our children. So when one of the children on the team developed a staph infection, it didn't take long for the details to circulate to all of us. The story was scary, the child's infection turned out to be MRSA, methicillin resistant staph, and he spent 4 days in the hospital on strong antibiotics.  He did make it through OK. After that experience, I decided to research preventative measures to avoid a similar situation with my own child. That is when I came across StaphAseptic.  Their website has a downloadable brochure at staphaseptic.com that explains what MRSA is and how to prevent it. StaphAseptic is a new wound care treatment that can be found in the first aid aisle of your pharmacy and claims to kill MRSA bacteria. I have found that it feels good on my cuts. The gel is easy to apply, although the tube not always easy to open due to the child resistant cap, and it offers pain relief that seems to last.  My son has been trained to wash with soap and water and treat all cuts and scrapes with StaphAseptic - just to be on the safe side.  I recommend keeping it on hand next to your bandages.


Albany, OR



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