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Thyroid Support
Standard Process
Standard Process Thytrophin

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Standard Process Supplements Work Well


I haven taken other supplements that are by The Standard Process, so when my health care provider suggested that Thytropin may be a safer alternative to prescription medication, I was all in.  Thytropin helps a thyroid that has slowed down, for whatever reason, genetics, age, menopause, etc.  It contains natural components such as calcium and magnesium as well as a proprietary blend of ingredients.  Best to go to the Standard Process website and read up on it, if you are interested in a more natural, homeopathic way versus chemical prescriptions. I have decided to review this product to tell you that these supplements do work.  It may take a few weeks to see some results, but the proof is in the resulting positive signs..  A sluggish thyroid will cause low energy, weight gain among other things.  Traditional drug therapy comes with alot of side affects.  Every person's physiology is a bit different.  But if you are considering an alternative therapy, I highly recommend trying this first.  

Buffalo Grove, IL


Thytrophin's healing my thyroid gland, naturally


I'm hypothyroid, but not entirely comfortable with taking conventional medications.  After I read an article in First for Women that mentioned Standard Process' Thytrophin, I went to the Standard Process website, as well as some nutritionists' websites, and read up. Thytrophin contains calcium and magnesium (in amounts tailored for optimum thyroid function), as well as bovine extract that has been processed to remove thyroxine.  Thytrophin works via a technology they call "Protomorphogen," and though it's a little too much to explain here, there is a fact sheet available on Standard Process's website.  Also, if you decide to look into obtaining this supplement through a nutritionist, they can help explain the process by which Thytrophin works. My job here as a reviewer isn't so much to tell you *how *it works as that it *does *work;  at least, it did for me.  It took a few months, but it, in combination with the sea kelp and selenium that I also take for thyroid support, finally kicked in.  A little more energy, and Hallelujah, after a few years of eating less but gaining more, the scale finally started to budge! Again, I emphasize that we all have our own chemistry, and I wouldn't want anyone rushing out and taking this without doing some study and some inquiry of their own.  All I'm saying is that, if you're hypothyroid and want to take an alternative route to getting your thyroid function back, this is certainly a good product to look at.

Larchmont, NY


Standard Process Thytrophin

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