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Standard Process
Standard Process Magnesium Lactate

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One of my miracle supplements!


Standard Process is a brand we learned to trust many years ago, and that trust has never waivered. One of the first products I tried was their Magnesium Lactate, and it is still the only magnesium product that comfortably works for me. So often when reading about magnesium, it is recommended to take magnesium citrate. While I'm sure some people do well with this, it creates intolerable intestinal disturbances for me, even in small doses, and does not give me any improvement over anxiety, stress, poor energy or uneven heart rhythms. But Standard Process Magnesium Lactate is amazing for all of those things, giving me a much improved sense of well-being within a few days of beginning to take it. The recommended dose is three capsules per day, which gives you 210mg of magnesium-50% of the daily value based on a 2,000-calorie diet. I take mine as one capsule with each of my three main meals. If you are looking for a whole-food magnesium product that really does work, I strongly recommend Standard Process Magnesium Lactate.

Gulf Shores, AL


Standard Process Magnesium Lactate

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