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Stamps.com 5 lb. Digital Scale

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Don't Overspend on Stamps


I can't believe how much extra money I've given the post office in my life.  If you think about it, every time you mail a large envelope and just stick on a bunch of stamps without knowing the exact weight and cost, you've probably overspent as many times as I have.  Well, no more.  I recently purchased the **Stamps.com 5lb. Digital Scale**.  My days of throwing money away are over. This lightweight digital scale is incredibly simple to use.  I inserted the 9-volt battery (included) and was ready to go.  Place the scale on a firm flat surface (like a desk or table) and then press the ON/OFF button.  The display will flash and set at "0.00," which means it's ready to use.  I then put the letter or small package on the scale and the LCD display shows the weight of the item.  At the US Postal Service website - **http://postcalc.usps.gov/** - you can enter the weight and zip code and find out exactly how much your mailing costs. Simple. When I have to weigh a larger envelope, the top panel flips open to give more room to hold the package upright.  In addition, if I have a larger item blocking my view of the LCD screen, simply pressing the HOLD button keeps the weight on display so I can read it once the item is removed.  There is even a TARE function that allows you to weigh liquids and very tiny objects.  I've never personally used it, but it's nice to know I have the option. So far I've not had any more returned mail due to insufficient postage, nor have I overstamped any packages "just to be sure."   The only downside is that the scale is a standalone product; it does not integrate with any postal software or online printing services. The scale can be purchased separately at Stamps.com for about $50, or you can sign up for their service and get it free as part of their ongoing promotion.  I bought mine brand new on Ebay for about twelve bucks, and it's probably already paid for itself.  There is an available AC adapter that you can buy for about ten dollars, but the battery has worked fine for my infrequent usage.  I've had no problems with this product.

Chicagoland, IL


Model 510 USPS Postal Scale. None of the 5 they sent me worked.


As far as USB plug and play devices go these 5 that were sent to me, didnt work. None of them did. Not to mention there is NOWHERE to be found a system requirements (do they even work on Vista?) seems they don't.  I'm sorry I even bothered with stamps.com

Clairton, PA


Newer Version (model 510); superb...recommended


Reviw of newer model (model 510):The newer model 510 has a number of key advantages over the older 5lb version they've been selling/giving away for some time now. You'll know you have the new one because it does not require a battery/power adapter and only has a USB connection for a direct link to your computer. PROS: - No battery/external power adapter required (power comes from USB cable) - Integrates perfectly with stamps.com software - newest software allows for "auto" scale reading...thus, you don't have to keep clicking the "weigh button" in order to get a reading. - Frequently promo codes available which allow you to get this unit for free at sign-up - USB cable included - No software to install. CONS: - May require "ROM Reset" if not recognized at plug-in - (fyi...to do this, simply turn the unit on/off THREE times while waiting THIRTY SECONDS in between each flick of the switch....then go back to stamps.com software and do "scale setup" and "5lb scale Install") - No digital display...to read weight you must have the stamps.com software running - Doesn't integrate with other software (at least I haven't found any that it works with)

New York, NY


not bad for free- but the cord isnt included


Overall it works well considering its free- however I was just annoyed when I realized it came with a battery and you had to purchase the cord separately. Compact and weighs well, nice black and gray matches office decor, does NOT integrate with stamps.com software- but as I said what was I expecting for free?

Whitinsville, MA


Stamps.com 5 lb. Digital Scale

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