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Stamina Stationary Bike

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the stamina UX2 stationary cycle is a great value


Great value for money spent.  Purchased off the shelf at wallmart, easy to assemble - even required tools are included.   I am diabetic and thus an exercise program is required to maintain my blood sugar level - this does an excellent job. ** Exercise Workout **The secret to aerobic training is achieving a selected heart rate and maintaining it. The UX2, with its air resistance system allows the user to easily attain the desired pulse rate. Bike: Since no two people or life styles are alike, the UX2** **has been designed to allow the user to isolate portions of the body that may need greater emphasis in training.  These exercises provide cardiovascular conditioning, muscle toning and joint flexing with the ability to exercise both the upper and lower body simultaneously or independently. Increase the workout intensity by increasing the speed of the leg and/or arm movements. **Full Body Workout: **Sitting comfortably erect, use the handlebars to either push or pull while** **simultaneously pedaling. Alternate the effort to your arms or legs to intensify or reduce the work of the upper or lower body. The handlebars may be gripped from underneath (palm up) to change the muscle groups used in the arms. **Lower Body Workout:** Release the handlebars and place your hands on your hips or thighs as you pedal. This concentrates the exercise on the lower body. **Upper Body Workout: **Stand with feet on the Rear Stabilizer, lean over the seat and activate the fan using the handlebars. This exercise is most effective when the muscles of the torso are used in a twisting motion. ** Advantages: **1. For the Upper Body: **Handlebar Push:** Provides cardiovascular conditioning, triceps, upper back, and shoulder muscle training.** Handlebar Pull:** Provides cardiovascular conditioning, biceps, shoulder, and chest muscle training.        2. For the Lower Body:**Pedaling:** Provides cardiovascular conditioning, thigh and calf muscle toning, and hip, knee, and ankle flexion.

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Stamina Stationary Bike

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