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Stamina Air Resistance Bike

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Awesome Air Resistence Bike


I purchased this exercise bike after researching other exercise bikes and found for the price and the workout it was a good deal. I like that I can work out my arms and my legs at the same time or seperately if I want. I use it about fifteen minutes a day and it does not take long to feel the burn. I really notice it when I am done I can tell when I start walking that my muscles are a little weak and sore. I also like that the seat is large and soft. It can also be adjusted for short or tall people. There is an odometer so that you can time yourself and see how many miles you have biked. The handlebars have soft foam grips that are comfortable and easy to hang on to. I do not like that the assembly was very challenging and the directions were confusing. Also the bike is noisy. The handlebars attatch at the base with bolts and I do not like this, it just looks cheap and tacky. When using the bike this part of the bike makes a clanking sound like metal against metal. I feel that the bike could be a little better made, but I guess for the price it is ok. I would recommend this bike for someone on a tight budget, but not my friends or family. Overall this Stamina Air Bike is a decent workout bike for the price.

Vincennes, IN


Get ready to work out


Get ready to work out!! This air bike really gives you a great work out.  It works out everything from your arms to your stomach, to your thighs, and even your hips.  I thought this was going to be an easier way to work out, but it actually works you out more than alot of other work out machines thai I have tried.  You start to break a sweat in just a few minutes after you are working out. I also like  the fact that you have the choice to work out using your arms, or just your legs.  Sometimes you get tired and you want your arms to rest.  It really gives your arms a great workout.  Your legs feel  stronger, and also it really surprised me that my stomach felt alot flatter after just a couple of workouts.  I t is nice to have the choice of how long, and how much you want to work out.  i have got on my bike, and worked out for 2 miles, and i have got on my bike and worked out for 10 miles.  This is a great workout bike!!

Emporia, VA


Stamina Air Resistance Bike

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